Tuesday, December 15, 2009

How to Optimize Content for AdSense

I thought it would be really interesting and helpful to share couple of links that I have been reading recently. It is all about how to optimize content for AdSense.

AdSense Section Targeting HTML tags to be used to emphasize or ignored a page section.
What is section targeting and how do I implement it?

Optimizing for SEO and CPC Revenue using AdWords, AdSense and Google

How To Really Make Money With Google Adsense gives out a clear explanation of things that most of us will ignore or missed.

Feel free to share any of the interesting links you may reading and that helps everyone.

Thursday, December 3, 2009

What is the best place to place AdSense Ad?

Just below the title or heading of your page would be the best place to place content base AdSense ads. Placing a blended square shape ad, just after the blog post title increased the click through rate significantly.

If you haven't try it out place a experiment ad just below the heading. However, make sure that the title is not making the visitor click on the ads. For example List of cool download Links may go against the AdSens TOS.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I do not use AdSense?

AdSense is a the easiest way of making money out of your website or blog. However, there are places and situation I would not use AdSense Simply not because it is out of AdSense TOS.

I do not use AdSense if majority of the visitors know inside out of AdSense. Because they will not click on AdSense even the advertisement is relevant or sounds interesting. If they click it will be intentionally I suppose. Why should I waste space for AdSense ads. It is better to fill that space with more content or another source of income. Might be more interesting to use a relevant affiliate product.

I do not use AdSense if I really think it will kill the readability of the page. Most of the cases you have to place the ads blended or middle of the content to improve the CTR. I do not think there is any problem with it. but personally if I feel that will cause problems for the visitors then I do not use AdSense ads. Also no point of placing the ads in some where else that will not generate any income.

Recently I figure out that I must take AdSense ads out of the blogs that do not generate income even though you get so many clicks. For example you will get some where around $0.05 per click. That is all because of the content of the website might not display high paying ads. Either you can research to find high paying keywords in the niche. If not I will not display AdSense ads.

Is there any reason why you will not use AdSense ads in your website or blog? What I have understand after experimenting with AdSense for sometimes that I should not use AdSense ads every where that I can think of but only in the places that it is generating a income. That will help you to keep your AdSense account clean and easy to do more researches to improve your AdSense income. This might sounds that I am bit angry with AdSense but I strongly feel that experiment AdSense in different conditions time to time and if it works try to improve it. If it dose not work and still you cannot find a way to make it work then drop it and look for the another method. AdSense is not suppose to make money in all sort of website and in all sort of conditions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Checking AdSense Balance Everyday

Are you addicted to AdSense? Yes. I think I am addicted to it and notice that I am spending lots of time just checking the AdSense balance as a routine. Wait a second dose it have anything to do with making more money out of it? I do not think so.

Yes if you are keep on waisting time every day just to check the AdSense balance them you MUST stop it. Because checking the AdSense balance every day is nothing to do with making more money out of AdSense.

Firstly I force my self not to log into AdSense account everyday. Even I have time I will not going in that way. Secondly I made a small schedule to log into AdSense and check the balance, if there is any updates or messages. If you are following the Adsense blog then you do not have to worry about keep on update with AdSense. If there is anything that affect to everyone it should be in the AdSense blog.

It is bit hard in the beginning but slowly you can train yourself to go into AdSense account once a week. Hard part is it is always tempting to check how much you have earned today.

Then what makes a positive impact on your AdSense earnings?

Spend time analyzing previous months or weeks and figure out the ups and down of your earnings and try to repeat the successful days and plan to avoid the bad days. AdSense reposts as well as linking the AdSense with Analytics accounts will provide you better view of how you make money from your AdSense Ads. It ables to show you which page it is generating more income, higher CTR. Even you can trace is there any pattern from the visitors you get from referral sites. Fore example: is there any trend to click on ads by the visitors you get from bing or yahoo search engines. Where you can come to conclusion what actually make money from some pages than others. Then try to apply that in to other web pages as well. This kind of analysis is more productive than checking the AdSense balance every day or worst couple of times a day.

Sunday, October 11, 2009

AdSense Income Sharing Porgrams

If you just started a website with AdSense and waiting to get more clicks or looking for more ways to increase your online income through AdSense this might be another good way of approaching it. Before I start I should give full credit to letblog for bringing up this and point out couple of sites. I have done more referral type of post in crazzycool. I would like to look in to the same concept in AdSense point of view.

AdSense is allowing you to share your AdSense revenue with others. Yes this is totally agrees with AdSense TOS. There are so many sites that share its AdSense revenue. Process is simple you just join the website and do exactly what that site is been asking you to do and they will share the revenue with you. Yes it is simple as that. Most of such sites are either content sharing websites, article writing websites or social networks.

Before you join?

You need to check couple of things before you join AdSense revenue sharing programs.

First of all the site should follow AdSense TOS. Otherwise there might be a chance that your account can be banned by AdSense. First go through the website and check what other people has to say about it before you join.

Then it is always worth to check how much traffic they get and what sort of people and page rank of the site. You can get a rough idea from Alexa and Google toolbar. If you join a site that dose not have potential of improving you might be waisting time.

What are the Advantages?

We have been mentioned that there are three main areas that can need to be take care of in order to get a better AdSense profit.

That is Page Impressions (mainly Traffic)
Click (How may clicks you get)
Page eCPM (Basically how much you would get for clicks)

Yes all these variables that effect your AdSense will remain same even in AdSense income share programs. Then what is so cool about it?

As most of these websites gets large number of visitors as soon as you create some content there will be visitors as well as potential clicks on your ads. So only thing you have to get done is to improve it and build on it. It is much easier than starting from zero.

Secondly most of these websites are AdSense optimized. You do not have to experiment on Ad Placement or optimization. Only thing you need to do is to create your content to match it.

So in brief it helps two of our main target areas are covered in AdSense revenue sharing programs.

There are couple of more advantages. If your blog or website is niche base then you are pretty much tied to small area of topic. If you want to try another niche you might have to build another blog and wait till it gets reasonable traffic to test how it work for you. In most of these programs you can easily try different topics different writing styles and key words. It is easy to test as you already got traffic your pages.

As I mentioned before I am fairly new to this area. It would be really nice to see you experiences with me here in comments.

Couple of Programs I have been using

Could of other programs can be found in letblog

Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Un-Banned From Google AdSense

Getting banned from Google AdSense is quite easy and getting it back is hard, but it is not impossible. I have found quite interesting post about getting un-banned your AdSense account at hobo. I thought it might be quite interesting share that story with you as many of you get banned your account because of invalid click activities.

According to Shaun, he has able to get is account activated by simply sending a appeal to the AdSense team. In his case his site had decent content rich site and he did not make any invalid clicks intentionally.

What can we learn from this? How can we keep our AdSense Account safe? Most of you even I am having this problem. How to protect our AdSense account from invalid clicks done by other to make your account banned.

1. Always stick to and keep on updating with Google AdSense TOS.
2. If you notice any sort of funny activities take necessary actions to correct it.
In any case if your account get banned it is worth keep on appealing for it and get it back. Sometimes you might have to talk to couple of people. More than anything it is really important that you are not trying to cheat their system. In any case your account got banned you can activate it again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Keyword for AdSense & SEO

This is post is base on couple of experiments I have done combining couple of methods to choose the best keywords for your niche. I will go through individual methods as well to make it clear and understand easily.

Method 1 : Choose the less competitive but popular keywords in your post
Type : Search Engine Optimization
Target : Increase Traffic

This is a well know SEO methods to bring extra traffic to your website. I did not use this method for sometimes as I was mainly focus on getting more and more post done at the beginning. After having many post of one the thing I have notice is even I cannot find the post by searching what I am looking for. That's all because some post I
didn't mentioned the keyword phrase that normally a person would look for. How others suppose to find my post in Goggle. Therefore it is really important to check what people are searching and how they do it.
Search Engine Optimization professionals tweaked it a bit. You can use less competitive but popular keywords so you have better chance of displaying your site in top of the search result. You can simply use Google Adword keyword tool to find out the competition and monthly search volume for given keyword.

Here is couple of more tricks you can apply to get better results from the keywords.
* Give links to the page with the same keywords anchor text from other pages in your website. Try to link from the pages that has better Page rank (eg Home page)
* If chance of getting external links use these key words as the anchor text.

Method 2 : Choose high paying keywords
Type : AdSense Optimization
Target : Increase Page eCPM

we have already discussed couple of methods to find the keywords that pay high price for a single click. Again this is some thing I have noticed. Suddenly AdSense income start to drop even though I was getting more clicks than before and I checked the closest changes I have made. Its nothing but my content. I wrote five six posts on the same topic one after another and keywords used in those posts display pay only couple of cents as the technology is fairly new. Done a small research and add couple of post with high paying key words and things are roll back to normal. Sometimes it even gave me better results like paying $1.00 for one click.

Method: Find the Best Keyword for AdSense plus SEO

How about combining the above two methods and try to find the keyword set for
your niche that are popular, less competitive and high paying. What we discussed in bottom line of AdSense helped me to find this combination. If you are following the above two methods it is easy for your to combine the two set of results to get the common keywords set.

If you find it difficult to find the common keyword set you can always get the two sets of relevant keywords separately and use them separately. So one set of keywords will help you getting more and more traffic while other keywords help displaying high paying AdSense Ads for you. Basically what we are doing here is targeting two areas that help increasing AdSense revenue at the same time instead of focus on one thing at a time.

Hope this will help you to make your site AdSense optimized. Remember always you have to tailor made it to suit it to you.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to make 100 dollar per day in AdSense

Adsense Screenshots to check for Allowed WebsitesImage by gopal1035 via Flickr

Let me tell you the secret. How to make 100 dollars per day using AdSense ads in your blog or website. Not only one way but two ways to achieve it .

First Method

This is the most common method you can see in many AdSense guides out there. Sounds quite easy. I know all of you will like it.

It is quite a number game. You just have to figure out the easiest way to generate 100 dollars with in 24 hours using the AdSense formula. First figure our what you need to make money out of AdSense. They are Traffic, Clicks and Earning per click.

So if you are displaying AdSense ads that pays you one dollar per click you only have to get 100 clicks. If you get 5% of page CTR then you need to bring around 2000 visitors to your site. Same way if you manage to display AdSense ads that pay you two dollars you will need only 1000 visitors.

How to choose the high paying key words? We have already discussed some simple ways to figure out the high paying key words. Google Search based key word tool and spyfu will help you to figure out keywords that might pay you $1-$2 dollars per click. Great!!!

You must optimize AdSense Ads to improve the page CTR. We have gone through couple of methods to place the ads in the best spot where it gets visitors attention. You can always find pretty good tips and updated from the AdSense blog as well. Much better!!!

Now only thing you have to solve it the traffic. If you Google "ways to increase traffic to your web site" you will end up getting thousands of ways to get traffic for free. Anyway lets have a quick look at couple of methods to bring traffic.

Search Engine - Need extra effort in SEO but one of the main source.
Yahoo Answers - Answer the related questions in Yahoo Answers and drop a related website or article.
Twitter -
Article Writing - Regularly submitting articles to article sites such as Ezine and hub pages will bring lot of traffic to your web site.
Comment on other sites -
Forums -
And there are so many other ways to bring traffic to your web site. So the final problem is solved. According to the equation now you should be earning hundred or more than hundred dollars per day.

You might be thinking why the hell I haven't told you that I have achieved the 100 dollars per day. Because the above method is based on the numbers but when it come to real world there are lot of other factors will added to it where you will need lot more experiments and working need to be done. However, don't through the first method because we will build on it.

Second method to make 100 dollars per day

What we went through in first method is absolutely what we requires to achieve. But the way to achieve it is not that straight forward as it look like. You are dealing with humans not machines. One day with 1000 visitors you will get 20 clicks and another day it can be zero. Also, the way AdSense build the system Ads will compete to get the position in your site with other AdWord ad publishers. You might end up getting different amounts for the click even though it is the same keyword.

These are some facts you have to figure out and hardly repeat on another website. Thats where you need to build up your own experiments base on the tips and tricks that you can learn from other.

Bottom line to AdSense Income will be a better place to start or refine your AdSense campaign. Do not forget to share your experience with us.
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Monday, August 31, 2009

Bottom line of AdSense Income - Better Place to Start

I was checking my AdSense income today and notice something that help me to understand and get a clear picture of Adsense. I am sure it would help me in my goal to hundred dollars per day goal.

I have been searching, reading and trying to implement so many tricks and hacks to increase AdSense revenue. I will not say they are wrong. However, it is quite important to understand what exactly we are doing and how it can help to improve AdSense income. More than that you should simplify the whole process so you can see everything in one clear picture.

There are only four factors that will change your AdSense earnings.
1. Page Impressions
2. Clicks
3. Page eCPM (Effective cost-per-thousand impressions)

Whatever the white hat tips you follow to improve the AdSense earning should improve one or couple of the above factors positively.

Why this is so important?

1. Now on you will not be doing any changes or take any actions blindly and expect better result in AdSense. Before you applying it you can see what how it is going to effect your income.

2. If you have missed or forgotten one or more key areas you can start strengthening them by spending more time and effort on them.

3. You and increase AdSense earning exponentially by improving all the four factors comparing to improving only one.

We can build a simple equation just to show how this going to work.
Page Impressions x Clicks x Page eCPM = AdSense Earning

Now we will apply some values to our AdSense equation.

Sample 1 PI (1) x Clicks (1) x Page eCPM (1) = AdSense Earning (1)
Sample 2 PI (3) x Clicks (3) x Page eCPM (3)= AdSense Earning (27)
Sample 3 PI (12) x Clicks (1) x Page eCPM (1) = AdSense Earning (12)

This is simple explanation how it will increase your AdSense earning. Consider Sample 1 as your current situation of AdSense.

(Sample 3) Imagine you have concentrate only on improving the Page Impression and by spending more time and money increase the it by twelve(12) times than your current status. It will only increase your earnings by 12 times.

If you can put the same effort on three areas equally you will have a better result than Improving only one factor. (Sample 2)

In basic what I am trying to say is knowing the basic formula of AdSense and have a better and clear picture how AdSense works will help you to put a good foundation to your campaign. Improving all the factors equally will give you much better results than what you can think of.

Stay tune to AdSense 100 dollars per day I will share how this simple formula will improve my AdSense earnings and other formulas we can derive from this.
What do you think about this method? Do you have anything to add to this?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

High Paying AdSense Key Words

If you have been using AdSense for a while I am quite sure you have searched "Top paying AdSense key words", "Highest paying AdSense key words" and similar search phrases. I have been searching as well. However, I could not find any useful list or the lists I have come cross does not related to what I am good at. Recently I have notice that I was wrong, not because I found a software that I bought for couple of dollars and I want you to buy it as well so I get some commission.

Student loans and mesothelioma is the most paid AdSense key words doe not mean much. Dose it? It is not related to what I am good at and I do not have much to say about it. So it is always important to figure out the most paying key words in your subject.

Other fact is there are subjects that are relatively having majority of the keywords are high paying while some niches does not have much high paying key words. If you are starting a new blog or website aiming to use AdSense as the main profit it is always good to use a niche that have more high paying Keywords. Otherwise there is no much point wasting online space for AdSense.

Ok let see how we can find these mystery keywords for AdSense. There is no direct way to tell how much exactly you will earn for a click for each keyword. I am sure AdSense or any other pay per click service will not release such information.

I have come cross another way to guess the value of the keywords. If advertisers pays/bid high for a keyword that mean theres a bigger chance you will get paid high for that key word.

You can easily find out roughly suggested bid and competition for keywords. Spyfu.com and Search-based Keyword tool (new AdWord Keyword tool) will do the job for you.

Spyfu is a search that will tell you price range that Advertisers pays for keywords. So you can use this to find out what are the good keywords in your niche simply searching for them.

Search-based keyword tool is extend version of Google AdWord Keyword tool (You might have to have a AdWord account) which give you a suggested bid for you as a advertiser. Again you can double check spyfu result or have a general idea about how much you would get paid for each click in AdSense.

You can start using it and you will able to find amazing finding and reason why you get really low income even though you are having good click through rate. I know you can always mix up high paying keywords with AdSense boring subject without affecting the readers.

For people who want to know the top 100 keywords with the hight paying per click.

I have found Data Recovery and related keywords are having a pretty high value.

What are the high paying keywords you have found so far?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More things to talk about AdSense

@busstoped who is managing the letblog brought up couple of more interesting things to talk about AdSense. Yes it is quite interesting to share ideas thoughts which are not altered with marketing techniques. I am trying my best to keep this blog as one of them to share just the my experiences with AdSense and you are always welcome to share your ideas, experience, thoughts I do not mind sharing your website or blog here.

So the important facts that he has mentioned in his comments are as follows.

1. You have to be really careful with the AdSense information you are giving out in public as giving out CRT and too much statistics about AdSense is against the AdSense TOS. Yes. I agree with that I will take it as a good guide line for this blog s we talk about AdSense here.

2. Why FeedBurner dose not generate much income with AdSense.
Yes I have been trying the AdSense for Feeds but to be honest I do not see much progress with it still. Main reason I see with feed is that at the movement I do not have enough feed followers to generate clicks.

Ad Placement is limited only to display ads top of each post or at the bottom of the post. However I an doing couple of test with it and will share the result in future.

It is quite challenging and it is quite fun achieving it. Once again busstoped (letblog) thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In the 100 dollars per day from AdSense journey I have notice some of the things that you should not do with AdSense that can effect badly on AdSense as well as your website.

1. Website or Blog should not start just to make AdSense money.

AdSense (or similar ads programs) is quite tempting. As you read about AdSense it is quite normal to get a feeling that this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. However, as a person who just started your website/blog with 0 visitors it is a good challenge. If you are one of them you should always forcus on starting a website/blog related to you and that you can enjoy doing it as well as maintain it for some times with interesting contents. Focus on producing important content and fresh ideas. That will bring more people to your website/blog and will always generate good AdSense income in later stages.

2. Expect to make million is one night.

If AdSense is so easy way to make couple of millions even within a year or two then I have a question. Where are all these rich people. There should be more rich people than poor. Yep AdSense is just another way of making money and it can be easier than the other money making methods. But you have to work hard and smart as well as need luck for it. So do not give up sometimes it can happen in couple of days, months or years.

3. Let AdSense overtake your webpage.

Sometimes you might feel like adding AdSense ads all over your page to make more profit. It wont do much good in terms of success of your website/blog or AdSense. It can easily make your regular users stop visiting your site or first time visitors will get a wrong impression. So try to use the maximum number of ads if required but in a controlled way. For example, one banner ad in the header, one large square ad in the middle of the content. Another tower ad in the side bar or navigation bar or banner ad before the footer.

4. Go Against the AdSense TOS

AdSense terms and conditions keep on changing time to time to protect the advertisers as well as to improve the quality of the service they provide. So always you should follow the Adsense terms and conditions as well if you have a unclear areas and you cannot find a direct answer you should question it in AdSense help or in official AdSense forum before you trying it. Trying things against AdSense TOS will banned your AdSense account for ever. Google will find it later or sooner.

5. AdSense is the one and only way to make money

If you go through the AdSense forums you can see how many people were disappointed with making little money with AdSense or about their banned account. AdSense is not the one and only way of making money online. There are so many similar methods as well as totally different ways of making money online. Affiliate programs are one of the famous methods you can find. Always try couple of different methods. If it fail today does not mean that it will fail tomorrow as the conditions may have changed. Also you will have alternative ways of generating income if something else failed.

Some say Best method of Search Engine Optimization is to ignore it. I agree with that. It is pretty much applicable for the AdSense as well. Place the Ads optimize it a little bit. Focus on your content and ways to bring more and more visitors will give you better results.

Thursday, July 30, 2009

5 factors that increase your AdSense revenue

As you know this blog is sharing my experience achieving $100 (AUS $150) per day challenge. So far time to time I have share tips and tricks for increasing your AdSense income without violating AdSense terms and conditions. At the movement I am comfortable making $100 per two months. So let me summaries all the method I am comfortable with so far. If you are still not making $100 dollars per two months these methods will be useful.

Before I start let me tell you one thing. Making million dollars (even $100) will not happened in a day unless your really lucky. So do not give up!!! Keep on trying different option, gather experience, understand the ups and downs...

1. Traffic - No matter what Traffic is the most important factor for not only making AdSense money but for any business. Without people coming to your store, website, blog or any other can you think of making money.

2. Page Views - Number of pages that a single user visit will be important as traffic. More pages the visitor visit there is a chance of clicking the AdSense Ads as well as your other products and services. In AdSense point of view page views will be count as ads impressions.

3. Number of Ads - If you can place the maximum number of ads (3 ads and 3 link units) in a page without affecting your visitors badly not only it increase the ads impression but chance of getting couple of clicks more. Also use all the other AdSense service such as AdSense for search because at this stage every single cent counts.

4. Ad Placements - Another words optimising Google AdSense ads. I have to tell the same old story but what I have notice through my experiences mixing the ads with the content will increase your income. That mean blending the colours with the back ground colour of your site or place the ads in the middle of content (blog post or content). Always remember that it should not violate the AdSense policies.

5. Type of visitors - Yes your AdSense income depends on the type of visitors that come to your site. If majority is familiar with AdSense ads and know the secret behind it there is a great chance that they will skip your ads even though they notice it. I know you does it too. That's the main reason why I am not using AdSense ads in this blog. General audience will give more clicks that will lead to a good income through ads.

6. Improving the above 5 factors in AdSense favor will make more and more AdSense revenue as well as other form of income.

I would like to discuss the above topic is detail in future post as including everything in this post will make this post long.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Tips for maintaining an AdSense-friendly site with user-generated content

AdSense Blog has given out some tips for maintaining an AdSense-friendly site with user-generated content. If you have a site that get thousands of comments feed back or a forum type of site these tips will help you.


Here are some recommendations for ways to prevent your ads from appearing alongside user-generated content that isn't compliant with Google AdSense policies:

1. Publish clear content guidelines and policies that your users will have to accept and adhere to in order to sign up and use your site's services.

2. If you own a photo or video sharing site where users are permitted to upload adult or other non-compliant content, clearly structure your content to avoid placing your ad code in sections/categories containing this type of content. The same idea could also be easily applied to online stores with adult sections or to classifieds sites which offer adult dating classifieds.

3. Ask users to tag their inappropriate content (e.g. sexually suggestive pictures or videos) as being non family-safe. This can help you perform human evaluations of potentially inappropriate content for AdSense ads. You can also try installing keyword filters for content related to adult topics, violence, or drugs, for instance. While we're unable to provide you with details about setting up these filters for your site, we recommend searching for terms such as "keyword filtering" or "content filtering" on Google.com.

4. Implement spambot protection for your comment forms, forums, and guest books. If you need more information on this topic, try a Google search for "spambot protection".

For more information about

Inside AdSense: Tips for maintaining an AdSense-friendly site with user-generated content

Monday, July 27, 2009

Share your website ideas and experionce

I would like to open up this post to everyone who is interested in Google AdSense and who are trying (just like me) to make 100 dollars per day and who are already making 100 or more dollars to share your story.

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

How to increase the Income with out increasing the traffic

I've been mainly concentrating on increasing traffic to increase the AdSense income. Base on couple of changes I have done to my main blog in the past couple of weeks I have notice that there are some other factor that you can be used to increase AdSense Income when you are getting the same amount of traffic. Lets have a detail look at these factors.

AdSense add placement and optimisation play a major role. Following is a screen shot I have taken from Google AdSense Optimisation Tutorial. This shows he Hot Spot of three different web pages. If you look closely you can find may clues about where to place content that you want your visitors to see. In this case Google AdSense Ads. Red coloured spot would be the best performing areas.

Then I would like to move to the simplified version of AdSense Hot Spots

Pretty close isn't it? Comparing both the images now you will have a clear idea about what would be the best place to place Google AdSense add. But when it comes to blogs Google change its hot spots dramatically. Non of the above hot spots are targeted. I think that's mainly because Blogger Blog does not directly support the areas mentioned in above hotpots. What I have notice is if you stick to above hot spots you have a greater chance of increasing the Page CTR as it is visible to the user more. As a Blogger Blog user I have to apply couple of hacks to place the Ads to match the best AdSense Ads placings.

One hack was to place Google AdSense Ads in the middle of the post. If you are blogger user this will explain you how you can place it in the middle of the blogger blog post.

Remember DO NOT try to place your ads in a way violate AdSense policies. Eg: formatting content to mimic ads, aligning images with ads, and placing ads under a misleading heading. So you will be safe.

If you are looking for more information about optimising Google AdSense this video will give lots of other hints.

One of another key factor I have learnt from this video is

The first ad unit on a page always shows the top ads that win the auction

So always try to keep the best performing ad unit at the top of the page so clicks will generate more income. So far I did not increase the number of visitors coming to my blog.

I know if you are getting more than 10,000 visitors you will not have to worry much. That's a different story that you and I hate at the movement. Hard working, rich content and bla bla bla...

Lets look at the second method that we can increase the AdSense revenues without increasing the traffic.

Imagine you are getting 100 unique visitors per day and earning $1 dollar per day from AdSense. Doing your maths base on the page CTR and average earning per click you found out that you can double the visitors there is a chance of triple the income that is $3 dollars per day. But at the movement you have run out of ways to increase traffic. What can you do?

According to what I have noticed Page Views (Page Impression) are pretty much like the visitors for AdSense. If you compare your Analytic and AdSense report you can clearly see the difference. When Analytic says 100 visitors Page Impressions under AdSense shows around 120.

Increasing the Page Impression can increase the AdSense revenue not double but more. As you already go the visitors. You have to work little bit hard to make them go around your website or blog posts. That's much easier than bringing new visitors.

Let me share couple of tricks I have done tested in my blog.

1. Add post summaries in the home page and if they are interested take them to the detail page. It means visitor liked your introduction and wanted to read more. Already gain some trust as he/she did not went to another website but decide to go in to your website and not scared to click on the links provided by you.

2. I found this cool LinkWithin comes in handy to increase the Page Views. Why? It shows some related posts with pictures (Thumbnails) and Title. If you saw a cool picture with a catchy title on a web page can you stop clicking on it. I found this really useful as I do not have to spend time on creating thumb nails or adding related posts under each post.

In summery there are two things we can do to increase AdSense revenue without increasing traffic.
1. Optimising Google AdSense Ads
2. Increase the Page Views

Hope this will add more AdSense dollars into your account.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Traffic Tricks - Ways to get more traffic and more AdSense Dollars

Every webmasters or blogmaster s dream is to get more traffic to their website (or blog). There are so many ways to bring traffic. But I would like to discuss couple of methods that would help increase your traffic counters quickly and its AdSense impact.

Twitter - You cannot make much impact unless you have huge number of followers. This was true but not any more. Twitter search is a quite interesting page that will help you to find some targeted visitors.

Trending Topics will gives you a idea what twitters are tweeting about. Include some thing related to trending topics in your blog website and start twitting with the trending keywords. You will be amazed how may will visit your link and retweet it (if it is interesting) and they will start following you.

Regular tweeting about interesting facts about trending topic will generate more and more targeted traffic. It gives a plus impact on AdSense Revenue as well.

Link to this blog - Link to this blog is a nice and cool feature you can find in blogger blogs. It will allow you to re-post the original post in your blog that will leave a link to your blog from original post.

As long as you find the best blogs in your topic and link with them will bring 100s or 1000s of visitors to your blog. AdSense impact is quite amazing as well. Gmail Blog and Google blog are few of the blogs I found interesting when it comes to talk about Computer and Internet.

Using Social networks like digg.com redit.com are couple of other methods you might have using for sometimes.

All these methods can generate quick traffic but next hour or day it will drop back to normal. Interesting content and traps (news letter sign ups, RSS feed sign up, book mark tools ) will able to catch some of these traffic and they will be come regular visitors to your web site.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

[Affiliate] Give me 31 Days and I’ll Give You a Dramatically Better Blog… Guaranteed

I was talking about the 31 days to build a better blog by problogger. It was really good and it has improved my blogs a lot. It acctually did work for more than 14000 bloggers. 

31 Days to Build a Better Blog is a downloadable e-book designed to help you revitalize your blog by giving you 31 tasks that will all help to turn it into the page view powerhouse you’ve always dreamed of.

How it works.
  • Intense Training - bloggers setting aside weekends or weeks to go through multiple tasks at once
  • 1 Task a Day - the way we designed it - one day at a time
  • 1 Task a Week - bloggers taking their time with the challenge and making the tasks week long tasks
  • Monthly Cycle - bloggers using the tasks again and again each month as a monthly routine for their blogging.
  • Occasional Inspirational Resource - bloggers dipping into 31DBBB on a more occasional basis - using it on days when they have time or lack inspiration.

Download Your Copy of 31 Days to Build a Better Blog for an Investment of $19.95

This 94 page resource (actually it’s 188 pages as there are two pages on each page really) is ready for your download right now. You can order it here.

Monday, May 25, 2009

Display Google Ads in the Middle of the Blog Post

This is something not mentioned in the AdSense Optimisation for Blog. Because blogger blogs does not support ads in the middle of the blog post by default. However, small hack will enable you to do so.

At the movement Ads in the middle of the post make a plus impact of the revenue. however, it can always do better impact on your AdSense revenue. Please share your thoughts and experience in the comments.

Following is how you can apply the Google AdSense Ads in the middle of a Blog post.

How to add AdSense Ads in the middle of Blogger Blog
How to add AdSense Ads in the middle of WordPress Blog

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Monday, May 4, 2009

Analytics integration with AdSense

You might have already know and using AdSense with Analytics. Of course it is allowing you to analyse where the Ads perform really well and poor.

Now it is available to everyone.

"Over the past few months, we've been gradually inviting publishers to integrate their AdSense accounts with Google Analytics, and today we're happy to announce that this feature is now available to all publishers. Integrating your account with Analytics will provide you with more detailed information about traffic to your pages and how users interact with your site. "

What do you think about linking AdSense with Analytics.

Inside AdSense: Analytics integration for all

Friday, April 24, 2009

I am watching what you you are doing with AdSense

It is always great to see what other are doing with AdSense and their experience. What are the trends secrets up and downs they are going through with Google AdSense. Biggest advantage over knowing whats going around you is to learn more tricks about AdSense.

One of the best place to check these are blogs. As I am sharing my AdSense experience over this blog others share their experiences over their blogs. However, it is not possible to follow that much of blogs every day or even once a week.

You can make it really simple with Google Alert. Create a new alert and use keywords you would like to follow. I follow blogs and news related to AdSense. You will be surprise things you can learn every day/week from these alerts.

After successful alert set up once a week/ once a day you will get a summery of blog posts related AdSense
Do you follow any other methods to receive any alerts? Share it with everyone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Smacking $100 per day in AdSense

One of the reason why I do not feel that making a 100 dollars per day is there are many people out there who is making 100 dollars or more per day. Here are some stuff I found in the Internet.

#1 Smacking $100 per day in the AdSense Ass: 7 Things I've Learned  by Ryan Caldwell gives out the 7 things you should or you must do to get 100 dollars per day. 

#2 Earn $123 Dollars per Day with AdSense Directory by RichSage gives out 6 tips to make 123 dollars per day. 

#3 100 dollar google AdSense revenue per day By make money explain the secret behind making 100 dollar per day margin. 

#4 Earn 100$ Per Day With Google AdSense by Money Making Online is another great post that explain 8 simple tips and experience behind making 100 dollars per day. 
This is something attract my eyes from this post. 

"If you get 100 visitors per website. 1000 visitors for 10 websites and you get minimum 5000 impressions daily. So, you can get minimum 100 ads clicks. Your earning really go minimum $100 per day."

In general the secret formula is 

                                                               More Traffic = More Money

Are you making 100 dollars per day or is that your goal? Then share your story with me. i would like to hear your story.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to increase refferel traffic to your blog

During the long weekend spend some times analyzing the blog traffic I have been getting and did couple of small changes. Big thank should go to Darren for the 31 days to build a better blog program and I can see a big difference in my blogs as well as the AdSense earnings.

Actions I have taken

#1 Writing list posts is shown a great plus impact on the blog traffic. More Information about link posts.
#2 Submit those list post to social network sites.

#3 Focus more on the referral traffic.


#1 Increased the traffic by hundreds.

#2 Around 20 to 30 visitors coming to the blog at any given time from only www.reddit.com on top of organic traffic.

#3 Increased the Feed Subscribers.

#4 Start getting more referral visitors than the organic visitors. Comes to a balance between the referral and organic visitors which is good as you are not depend on one source of traffic.

If you are interested reading more about 27 Must read Tips and Tutorials for Blogger would be a interesting collection of posts.

Monday, April 6, 2009

[31DBBB] Write an Elavator Pitch for my Blog

As I mentioned in the previous post I am following ProBlogger 31 Days to build a better blog program. 1st day is to Write an Elevator Pitch.

"Lets earn 100 AdSense dollar per day with me."

Hope this sounds good and I will try my best to stick with it and build this blog base on it. If you want to earn a reasonable figure from AdSense and if you have a blog or website this might be good start to bring it to next level. More about how to write a Elevator Pitch can be found in ProBlogger.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Five Dollars Per Day

First of all I should mark that completion of the second sub goal: Make $100.00 dollars withing four months(Average $1.00 per day) . Main Blog CrazzyCool hacks Tricks and Tweaks reach page rank 3 withing after a short time of it reached page rank 2.

Things I followed.
* Keep of Posting - At this stage I did not think much about the content as I was really busy with other stuff. Anyway did not forget to keep my blog.
* Add the Google AdSense in the middle of the post - Which I believe improve the Ad visibility to the users. How to Add AdSense Ads In the middle of the post. will explain how you can apply adin in the middle if you are using a Blogger account.

* Did not do any major change to the look and feel of the blog.

Next sub goal would be to reach $5.00-$10.00 dollars per day from AdSense. That should bring the $100 dollar margin (Magic number) less than four months.

Things I Plan to do..
* Start a new blog that will go in a different direction to the main blog that I am having currently.
* As I mentioned in my previous post follow up 31 days to build a better blog from ProBlogger.

I will update as I progress with the second goal. Do you have anything extra to add?

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

31 Days to build a Better Blog by Problogger

This will be a good news if you are starting a blog or a just started a blog. Even you've been blogging for sometimes but you feel like learning something extra. If you can always build a better blog you can always get a better AdSense Income.

31 Days to build a Better Blog Program is run by ProBlogger. ProBlogger is really cool place to learn about blogging and how you can increase traffic, quality of your blog and etc. If you still haven't visit the ProBlogeer this might be a good chance to do that.

This program is completely FREE and there will be no catch or so. Only thing it ask you to do is to register and that is only if you like to get an email alert as soon as new post is posted related to 31 days to build a better Blog.

I am hoping to participate in that program as I think it will help me to achieve my 100 dollars per day goal.

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How to get more clicks (income) from Adsense

First of all before I start this post I must say this is totally base on what I have gone through so far and what I have experimented. I have notice even though the Page Views and Website Visits increased income was not increased proportionally. Actually it should not be. Anyway I thought I should have a close look on the behaviour of the visitors. 

(image from http://www.geeksaresexy.net)

Couple of things I can think of
    I have not optimise my AdSense Ad placement
    I have not choose the proper colour combination

More than that the blog I was using AdSense ads doesn't seems to attract people who likes or people who will click on Ads. If I make it simple. People who knows the secret behind the Google Ads or any other advertisement will not or hardly click on the Ads as they know it will direct them to a some kind of product or service that you have to buy as there is no reason why you will spend money on advertising unless you gain something out of it. Another reason can be they know that if they click on the Ad it will add some revenue to the website/blog owner. Also most of the time you might have bad experiences by click to funky attractive banners. 

One main category which falls into this category is Computer gigs. They always looking for free stuff and they know how to get it from Google search or any other way. They know how to filter content from Ads. They always try to skip the Ads even though Ads are base on the content. 
At the end of day it is just another Ad.

I think it is really important to select a topic that target group of people who is excited about links and banners. According to my experience I think this is a major factor but that doesn't mean that you should stop blogging or creating web on such topics.