Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 AdSense and Blogging Mistakes I have done and You Should Not Do

I am not a AdSense guru who is making millions out of it. I am just like you who is struggling and experimenting with AdSense and blogging to get a better result. I though it would be nice to share some mistakes I have done initially and learnt a lesson. At least you can avoid them.

1. Choose the wrong niche

What is the best blogging niche? Wrong question. It is always effective to choose a better blogging niche as you may not able to find THE best blogging niche. But how can you really know if it is a better blogging niche.
There are list of software and online services that you can use to get an idea about a niche before you choose start blogging. Google Adword Keyword tool and Market Samurai is couple of really good keyword and niche research tools. However, that can only help you to a certain level.

Don't choose a niche that can be covered a wide area. Try to be more specific. Figure out the possible area that you can monetize your niche in future. Also, don't forget to start up with something you are good at.

2. I did not buy a domain name

This is the most stupid and silly mistake I have done initially and still I am suffering. I just start the blog for fun and continue blogging and end up in a stage where it is too late to move it to a domain name. It has already build up number of good inbound links and a reasonable Google page rank that I don't want to lose.

It is important to get the domain name for your blog and start blogging before it is too late. You never know what is going to happened with your blog. Domain name will give a good value to your blog. Remember to get a domain name as soon as you come up with a great idea for blogging. It is less that $15.

3. Why did n't I bought a server and moved to word press

This is similar to the previous point, getting a domain name. However, getting a server is bit expensive than getting the domain. Best deal I have got is from bluehost for $6.95 per month for unlimited band with and unlimited domain names. It took me a while to convince myself to get my own server and have a wordpress blog. It gives me lot of potential and flexibility to improve my blogs and take them to the next level. Blogspot is really good for a start but you should try Wordpress on your own hosting space.

4. I was looking to make money through blogging

Making money from blogging should not be a short term goal. It will be a ultimate goal but you should really concentrate on producing something really useful, crazy, cool or fun. It will give you great potential and you will not disappointed in initial stage by not making enough money through blogging. First you need to build a strong blog that people trust.

5. Target only blogging why not a good  website

Start a blogging and Applying AdSense is the easiest and most popular method. But I have noticed that blogging is not the only way to use AdSesnse effectively. Having a good static website or dynamic website (like a forum, website directory) will add more potential. This is something I missed out in the early stages but now I have started couple of new project to cover these areas.

Bonus Tip: You should not be scared to do mistakes as you will learn lot from them and it will be a great help.
You should try doing things and keep on doing it even though you might feel that it is going to fail. It helped me lot.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monthly AdSense Report November 2010

From last month I started to post the monthly AdSense ups and downs. I can keep track of what positive and negative actions I have made and it is results towards the AdSense earnings. November is a been exciting month for me as I manage to get over 1800 hits per day for 4 days. As a result of that I manage to made around twenty dollars extra this month. I have already explain how I managed to get that results using couple of SEO tricks.

  • Find out a trendy topic / news that many people will be searching for
  • Identify what people really looking to and searching for (Keywords) 
  • Link your post with some other random websites. 
This month I manage to get total of $122.73 from AdSense. Comparing to last months $98.00 it is a +$24.73. 

December month challenge is to figure out a way to get over unique 1000 visitors per day average. I will update AdSense experiments and it's results with you. If you struggling and and trying to figure out AdSense secrets (just like me) don't forget to follow my blog or sign up for RSS.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Secret of brining 4300 visitors to a single post

Yes, this is amazing and I am really excited about these numbers. One post manage to attract more than 4000 unique visitors for 4 days. It manage to make extra $20.00. More traffic more AdSense money and that's not a secret any more. It will be interesting to go through what exactly I did to here to get this result. 

Remember I told you that I am using Google News Alerts to know the latest trends and latest stories related to my blog. That really works on giving your visitor the latest information and SEO point of view you will able to blog about trendy topics that most of the people will be searching for. This is not the only way to do that. There are many other ways like twitter, facebook (any Social Website) and special tools Google trends. 

This time I was luck with Yahoo Answers. Suddenly I have noticed that people start asking "What happed to Limewire?". When I really check the Limewire website it was closed due to a legal issues and that created blog post. More than I was lucky I managed to apply SEO Secrets on that post well. Lets run through the SEO tricks I apply on the post one by one. 

1. Keyword Question Blog Titles

Blog Post Title: "What Happened to Limewire?

Title it self is a Keyword Praise. 

That is the best part as I was noticing this in Yahoo Answer, it was easy to know what everyone interested in the story is looking for and the best keywords they use to query in Google. No doubt that title is catchy and get enough attention. 

So, It is important to know what exactly people are looking for and what keywords they use to search. What is the point of posting something that no one search for. Yahoo Answers is a better place to figure out trendy questions that most of the people have and understand how they ask the question. Also,I found this free keyword Question tool comes in handy to get keyword question blog titles for particular niche.

2. Answer the Question 

By default blog post is going to be the answer for the question. If you get the question correctly then there is no reason why the answer can be wrong. But make sure do enough research and resources quickly as possible.  Don't forget to include the keywords you use in the question title. I don't see any reason why someone will miss this but it is quite important. 

3.  Getting Inbound Links 

 Your post is ready and lets start finding some incoming links to the post. I know most of us who start blogging really focus on link exchange to get more and more inbound links. However, most of the case we target the home page. This time I manage to focus on the post. 

I use my blog post link in Yahoo Answer to answer the questions. At that time I was only thinking about the referral traffic. But it turn out to be a plus point for SEO. 

My blogging friend Roezer at Blog HQ gave me a link from his post specially done to support my topic. This was Roezer idea as he use this trick pretty effectively.  It is important to have good friends around you and your blog. 

Thirdly, I went to couple of blogs that talk about Limewire and commented on the posts. I choose them randomly and did not even check the page rank (I do not really care about Page Rank).  I did not just drop my link there but left a relevant thought about the post and drop a link to the post (not to the home page)  where they want me to mention my website.  That way it will not mark it as spam. 

Just by getting these three factors right did the trick. Google index my post instantly and when I check blog stats next day I can see people are visiting the post. There wasn't many referral hits but search engine traffic. It jumped in to 3rd place in Google for "What happened to Limewire?"    

SEO tricks I have mentioned here in not new or figure out by me. I know it is not a big secret as well. Everyone read about them, study about them but how many how us using them properly. Biggest secret and challenge is how you can use these SEO tips in the correct way to get results instantly.  This is just one such a successful scenario. I have lot to learn about and experiment. 

I will make sure I will share all these experiments and its results and don't forget to signup for the 100 dollars per day feed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

[OCT 2010] AdSense Progress So far -

I am so relax after the exams and it took a while to finish it. There is another good news,today is a holiday. I thought today is the best time to share my progress so far using Adense. This is something I haven't done before but I think this would be really interesting.

I thought it would be nice to look back how it was started and where I am now. It s been a challenge and interesting hobby to work with AdSense ads.

* First month I made only $0.01
* Second month I manage to made $5.00
* It took 8 months to made the first $100 and received the Google AdSense payment
* Last month I made AU$98.00  :) and that is the highest so far for a given calendar month.

What was my secret so far? 

So far my AdSense secret is traffic.It is the key for AdSense earning. Also, you need to play a waiting game with AdSense. You should not worry about the earnings at the beginning, if you are starting from zero visitors.
Without reasonable traffic don't even think about optimizing AdSense ads. 

What would be a reasonable traffic needed to start AdSense earning? 

You need 500 - 1000 unique visitors per day to get a better click through rate and start making AdSense dollars. Then only you can experiment with AdSense optimization and find the best suitable template for your website / blog.

What Should I do to increase AdSense earning for the next month? 

I believe I need to work out and use the traffic increasing methods effectively to get more an more traffic to the blog. Another trick might be to start a new blog and bring it to 500 -1000 visitors per day in short time frame with all the experience I have gained so far.

Good luck with your AdSense earning and hope you enjoy my first income report and if you have any tips and tricks don't forget to share with me.

Friday, October 22, 2010

How to keep your readers longer

Keeping visitors stick to your blog post is one of the biggest challenge that most of the bloggers face. As a new blogger who is trying to improve my blogging skills, I always find it challenging to keep my visitors long enough. Usually people visit blogs for quick updates or quick references. So, naturally blog readers will not stay on the blog for longer time periods. Even though, there are no direct relationship between the AdSense income and how long a visitor stay on one page, it always helps to have a . 

Monitoring Returning Visitor Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are a constantly monitored statistic by every good webmaster. If your visitors are not staying very long on your site you need to know and find out ways to keep your readers longer on your site and increase page views. This can be done with alternative site navigation and better content summaries.Most of us already know that providing original content and well flow of the blog post can attract the readers and make them at least read the whole blog post. However, if you are blogger like me you already know that how hard it is to produce original news or content regularly. There are lot of challenges and perfect answer it is hard but providing quality content frequently is important to increase pageviews from returning visitors by showing them content they might not have read like How to keep your readers longer. Returning Visitor Time on site needs to be monitored just as much as search visitors time spend on your website or blog.

A Simple Hack to Increase Time on Your Site

I choose couple of blog posts that Google already love and sending search engine visitors toward my blog. Check the content and search for interesting Youtube, MetaCafe or any Video relevant to the topic and embedded it to the post. Interesting videos usually able to stick visitors long enough. Content, images and added video will makes a information rich post. Do not forget to write your own opinion of the video content as well. 

How dose this impact my AdSense earning?

It did not improve the click through rate or number of AdSense impressions but value of the Ads. I start getting more out of a single click on AdSense ads. Like I always noticed it is game of balancing everything and improving every single factor to gain a better AdSense earning.

Monday, September 27, 2010

Bring More Traffic Every Day from Google Alert

Traffic is the number one factor to make a good AdSense revenue. More traffic more money. This is boring and not much of a use. Exiting and challenging part is how to bring more and more traffic to your blog every day. These are my latest successful experiment after trying out different AdSense colour pallets which triple the CTR rate.

This time let me tell you how I use Google Alerts to bring more and more traffic to my blog. It is no brainier nor nothing new, but how to use it effectively to achieve what you required. I used Google alerts to get the latest news and changes happening around my niche. You may already know the trick but are you using it?

Why it is working for me? I am not a professional blogger or I don't have a top listed blog. So, I always have to fight with the competition and steal some readers from Google search engine. If you are blogging you know how hard it is to optimise your blog to get in to the top. Google alerts trick has given me couple of more easy methods to achieve it.  If you are someone like me I am sure you can utilize this method as well.

I have set up the keywords which I would love to optimise my blog in Google Alerts. Don’t try to Following is the other settings I have selected.

Type: Everything
This will bring you all the news, blogs, updates, videos and discussion to your email or feed. I will explain later why I am not only targeting quality articles only.

How Often: Once a Day
I am not going to spend the whole day reading Google alerts. I do my best to do a one post per day base on the Google alerts.

Volume: All Results
Again I am targeting all the articles that Google Alerts can send my way. Good once bad once, I don't really care.

Delivered to can be your preferred and familiar way to go through information. I preferred emails.

Once you start getting the Google alerts in to your email or feed you can start doing the post and I would like to share how I do that as well.

If you have chosen to receive Google Alerts on your email don't forget to create a rule that will move Google alert emails to a special folder. Pretty much all the email programs support this feature.

Spend five to 10 minutes to go through the Google Alert emails and open up links that catch your attention. Then take some times to go through all the open sites and find out the interesting topic that you can do a reasonably good post. It can be the similar topic to the original post. Do not forget to improve it.

Do a good research base on the topic and the keyword  that you have chosen. I will try to find some interesting pictures, more reviews, specifications and good video. Combine everything in to one post.

As the topic is new you don't have much competition. If you have done your research and include most of the interesting facts about it search engines and people will find it useful. Mainly as it is a latest and hot topic it will pick up so easily.

I know you can come up with more tricks to improve this and don't forget to share how you go with it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Supplement your AdSense earnings with Google Affiliate Network

I have been using the Google Affiliate program some times. Even if you are a just started blogging and still waiting it to be picked up and making real money out of it , Google Affiliate program will provide some benefits.

As a beginner you will able to write more product oriented posts which will eventually help you to monetize your blog. You can search for the products which are related your niche and start writing reviews for that. Basically you can use Google Affiliate network to generate more relevant products ideas.

Another thing I have noticed is that more product oriented post will attract high paying AdSense ads. So, you will also having positive impact on AdSense ads earning.

You can find how to joing Google Affiliate network.

Monday, August 23, 2010

Better AdSense Colour Combination

First of all I should thank Rozer for sending this great trick and also I should congratulate him for his first AdSense check. Lets move to the trick.

Trick is quite simple. User a high contrast colour for the AdSense ad Title.

I found colours between #0033CC to #0000CC works great specially with a light background (white) blog or website. It high lights the links and able to catch the visitors eyes. I have noticed positive results after applying the changes. Border and Background I will always blend with the website template.

You can always experience with colour combination and if you haven't try it make sure use some contrast colours for the title. ( Not too contrast :) )

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to identify the best performing scenarios

Making money with AdSense is a very tricky game. However more experiments you do will uncover more tricks. If you can figure out under what conditions AdSense perform best and replicate it again and again you can always get better results.

How about AdSense Basic Report?

You can find very basic report from AdSense and if you don’t use the channels properly then the report is only good to check the daily income. I always find it hard to use channels with my blogs and I cannot get an accurate picture of what is happening with AdSense.

May be Combine AdSense Analytics and Excel

Now you can combine AdSense with Google Analytics (This is a bit old trick). It gives a big picture of what is really happening with your AdSense and the content. By looking at the report you can tell when and where they click and how much you earned from those clicks. This is something we need to know. Especially, if it is a blog then I want to know which post is performing well and which post generated maximum earnings per click.

This is how I use my Analytics statistics with Excel to figure that out.
In AdSense if you go to Content > AdSense > Top AdSense Content you can see all the post and AdSense Revenue, AdSense Ads Clicked, AdSense Page Impressions, CTR and eCPM. For this experiment I am only interested in Revenue and the Ads Clicked. Before that make sure you select couple of month’s statistics to get a clear picture.

To find out how much you earn per click divide the Revenue from Ads Clicked. Excel will come handy for this. Select the table and copy it Excel. Right click and do paste special to remove all the decorations . Now insert a column and do the simple calculation to find out the Revenue per click. Now sort it to find out the best posts or pages. That might be the gold so you can jump to the next step. . I am really sorry that I cannot put any screen shots as it may display the actual figures that are against the AdSense terms and conditions.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Make money from Google Buzz

Did you know that you can add Google AdSense ads to Google Buzz? Yes. If you are really active in Google buzz then this would be a good news as you can earn little bit more from AdSense.

I have given a step by step guide, how to add AdSense ads to your Google buzz. As you might notice this is not a straight forward method to enable this feature but by adding AdSense to blog feed and Blog feed to Buzz will make the ads display in Google buzz.

Hope you enjoy the quick trick and wish you luck.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Promlem: Only Display 3 AdSense Ad + link Units

I was trying to change the AdSense ad placing and noted the Normal Ads that I places is no longer working.
I used to have 2 AdSense link units and 2 AdSense Ad Units. But now it is only displaying 2 AdSense link units and 1 AdSense ad unit. Trying to figure it out what exactly going on but trying some options.

In the blogger blog I set it up to display ads below every post and there is only 3 posts. It should work perfectly with the 2 link units. Then I removed the 2 link unit and notice that Ad units started appear.

So in summery now I can use only 3 AdSense units only not 3 AdSense Ad Units and 3 AdSense link units.
Do you know why it is doing this in blogger or are you experiencing the same.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

$0.001 per click 1000 clicks to make a $1.00

I was bored with AdSense and thought to explore some other quick ways of making money. I need a quick and easy way to make dollars. Yes. There are so many sites willing to pay me to click on the links and to surf internet or watch youtube videos. For couple of minutes I was thinking how cool is that? Then registered with those websites and gave out the paypal account to receive money. Best thing I found out is that minimum payout is only $1.00. In AdSense, you have to wait until the total reach to US$100.

Let us try it.

After successfully registered with the site I began to watch the youtube video and best part is that I am being paid to watch it. After finishing one, wanted to see more videos but unfortunately, there is nothing left. So even though I am ready there is no more videos. So I had to find another website that will pay me.

Found out a cool site that pay me to click their links. I start clicking on the links and visiting the websites. I am being paid to click. Also, it is fun. I know you would love it as well. After some times I wanted to check the balance and I was surprised.

So far, I have earned only $0.026. What? Not even $0.20. It only pays me $0.001 per click. I did the math and figure it out that it requires 1000 clicks to earn $1.00. It is too bad.

I am back to Google AdSense and even though it requires playing a different type of game, it has more potential. As your website or blog grows with time, you can make more and more without many problems.

I have figure out some nice trends in AdSense that I would love to share it with everyone.

Saturday, March 6, 2010

1001 ways to select the Keywords for your next post

There can be 1001 ways to select the best keywords for your blog post. However, we are going to discuss about one method that I use:Seach based Keyword Tool. Always I believe that Google is the best place to find genuine SEO and AdSense hacks, because they are the one who build it and providing the service.

What is AdWords? How it related to AdSense? Actually, AdWord is the tool that all the advertisers place their advertisement and setup the bids. It will provide the advertisements to your website or blog through AdSense. If we can figure out the bids advertisers place for each keywords in AdWords we can have a better idea about the amount AdSense will pay you per click. Simply include the high paying keywords in your page title, headers and post text.

Visit the Google Search based keyword tool and take couple of seconds to look around and see what is there. It says if you need an Adword account, you can get customised key word ideas for your web site. You do not need that. What we are doing here is to get AdSense keyword ideas.
Click on the “Or see top keyword across all categories” or Find keyword button to go to the complete list of keywords.

Over there you can either search for a specific keyword or browse by category. Normally I like to browse the category as I might come across new keyword ideas that I can converts to posts.
Click on the most appropriate category for your blog or website. In my case, I will click on “Computers” and it will show me a list of keywords with the monthly searches, competition and Sugg. Bid. As we forcus on AdSense earnings, we only interested in Sugg. Bid.

Now you have to play with this tool to find out the high paying keyword for your blog.
First, click on the Sugg. Bid title to arrange your keywords from high paying keywords to less.
Do not be too excited about the Sugg. Bids you might come cross because there are more facts that you should consider.

Most of the high paying keywords you come across in this too will not have many advertisements. If that is that case, there is not point of adding that keyword to your next post, as there will not be any ad related to the keyword will not display. So go through your list to find out the high paying keyword that has many more ads. You can do a simple test by searching the keyword in Google to see how many ads display on there.

Include that to your cart, use it in the next post, and measure the AdSense revenue.

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God please helps me to get $100 per

"Om! AdSense God please helps me to get $100 per day from AdSense formula." I asked the AdSense god.

AdSense God chuckle and said.

“Are you challenging my powers? Create a website with 1000 page impressions and add my ads to it. Also, remember to get 10% click through rate. Cost per click should be $1. You will see $100 per day income in your AdSense report.” [AdSense Calculator]

I replied  

“But how can I achieve this? I am lost. “
“Page Impressions, Click through Rate and cost per click. That’s it??”

AdSense God disappears in thick smoke.

Great, we have built an AdSense friendly blog and discussed couple of simple methods to bring instant traffic to your blog and then we add AdSense ads to the blog.

Let us discuss couple of hacks tricks and tweaks we can try. Before we start, I should mention that I am not AdSense god. I am a blogger just like you, struggling achieving the $100 per day goal. I am sharing my AdSense experience in this blog.

Tip 1

Use the blog text and background colours for the AdSense ads. Also, remove the AdSense ad borders by making it same colour as background. In another word, blend the AdSense ads. This method always worked for me. This tip able to gave me better click through rate. However, that dose not means that blending is the one and only method that works. Try complement and contrast ad units as well. 

Tip 2

Add a single AdSense ad unit blended with the blog post content. I always add it close to the blog post title. It always increases the click through rate for me. Again, remember that your blog post title should not confuse the reader to click on the AdSense advertisements. That is one of the best positions to place large square ad.

Tip 3

Add a link unit in the header section. Always be creative but remember to stay with AdSense TOS. It is effective to add a link unit before, after the header banner, or close to the menu bar of your blog.
You can also try AdSense link unit in the footer of your blog as well.
I only discuss three simple AdSense tips to increase my AdSense click through rate.

Bonus tip: Always test only couple of (one, two, or three) AdSense tricks at once. 

Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is time to introduce AdSense ads to your blog

I was keeping the AdSense ads away from our new blog for couple of reasons.

                 Without traffic, AdSense will not be effective

However, after you start getting around 100 or more users per day you can start adding couple of AdSense ads and stat experiment on them.  It takes time to get use to AdSense ads and figure out what combination works best for you.

First thin first, Signup for AdSense account. You need to meet some basic requirements to check before you sign up.
             You should have a website
             You should not have an approved AdSense account
             Your site should not include incentives to click on ads
             Your site should not include pornographic content
In some regions, you need to maintain the website for a certain period before applying for an AdSense account. However, in 100 dollars per day we kept our new blogs out of AdSense until we get enough traffic to test AdSense ads.

              Also, have a close look at the Google AdSense Program Policies. If everything seems to be in your side jump in to the AdSense signup page and create a new account.

Good luck with your new AdSense account.

Always you can share your blog website in here. Give a brief description and leave a link to your blog. I am happy to visit your blog and share what I think about your blog. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to bring traffic to your blog quickly before AdSense

Google AdSense will not be effective without traffic. We have been discussing some effective method to bring traffic to your blog. Most of the method I covered work in long term run. It is always interesting to see people visiting my blog and Google Analytics count skyrocketing. That is the first thing I want to see. Let us have a quick look at instant method to bring more and more people toward your blog.

You want some quick methods to bring traffic to your blog without much trouble. Let us start with couple of methods I tried and you are always welcome to add your quick traffic secrets. This is highly recommended for bloggers who start from zero traffic to get some visitors on their way before adding Google AdSense.

1. Yahoo Answers

Create a yahoo-answer account. Start answering the questions related your niche with reference link to your best suite blog post. Answer many questions as possible. If you do not have a related post in your blog, write a new small post answering the question in details. You can notice many people who found your answer in yahoo-answers visited your blog. You should be able to see the results instantly.

2. Twitter

Early days only followers saw your tweets in twitter. Now anyone can search your tweets. In addition, you can see trending topics in twitter search. Create a twitter and start tweeting your blog posts.

Quick traffic secret is including a trending topic in your tweet and relate it to your post so more people will find it catchy. You will be happy to see peak

3. Reddit

I found Reddit is another quick way to bring tens to hundreds new visitors towards your blog. Traffic hack is to add your blog post in to the most appropriate reddit. Do not be so greedy by adding it to groups that has more followers. However, adding it to reddits that has couple of thousand followers will do the trick. If your title is catchy, you will see some goo traffic results.

Bonus tip: If you add a post that says, Windows 7 is the best in Apple reddit you will see some comment punches as well. Be creative and steal their attention.

4. Blogger Blogs – Link to this post

If you closely exam a blogger blog post you might see a link saying “link to this post”. Some blogger bloggers disable this feature but many keep them enabled. Click on that and it will ask you to sign up for your Blogger blog account and you can rewrite the same post in your word and post it. Behind the seen, it will add your link under the original blogger blog post. Imagine a blog that is getting thousands of visitors for their latest blog posts. I am sure you will get couple of hundred out of them to your blog.
Quick traffic hint: Try to link to a newly posted post, as it is going to be bombarded with traffic. Do not choose a blog randomly, but one of the best in your niche that allows to link to their posts.

5. Comment on big blogs

This is the fifth in my quick traffic method box. Try to follow some big blogs in your niche. Leave some interesting true comments regularly. If you find related blog post in your blog, drop the link with the comment. I am sure you will be happy with your traffic results. This will help you find more and more valuable readers short term and long term.

Here is the general tip for quick ways to bring traffic to your AdSense friendly blog. Rotate the quick traffic methods that no one will notice that you are trying to spam. Imagine that you are stealing some traffic from five big banks. You do not want to be noticed by trying to take more. Meanwhile try to find couple of other traffic banks to your cycle.

Great! Good luck with your new blogs. Take some time to share your quick traffic banks you robbed recently. Feel free to leave your link and I will be visiting your blog.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bring traffic to your blog before AdSense ads

I talked about AdSense and AdSense friendly blog in my previous two posts. What would be the next thing you have to do before you try out AdSense ads? Bring traffic to your blog. 

Just creating a blog and add couple of post will not bring traffic to your blog. If you are new to online business then it is essential to know what the promising ways to bring traffic to your web site/blog. With time, you will identify the most effective traffic source to your blog. It is different from blog to blog, niche to niche, person to person. I hate traffic formulas. Most of them are not practical. It will not going to happen in one night. However, you have the power and resource to do better than these traffic formulas. What is working out for you? Only you can answer that with time.

I would like to share list of things you can do to bring more and more traffic. I will only give handful of methods that you can follow.

Write good content (Post) is the number one. Blog post you write should be useful to the readers to make them read it and come back for more content. If you have chosen a niche that, you enjoy doing then this is not a hard task. Because, you know useful hacks and tricks in your niche. Always remember to put something that will useful to you with your opinion. You automatically produce interesting content and targeting a group in your subject who likes your ideas.

Post frequency is another key factor when it comes to pull traffic to your blog. Try your best to post as much as you can at the start and then build a rhythm. First, you need more and more content. When you post regularly, search engine will pick up your blog. Additionally, it will increase the number of keywords and its density to rank your blog.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) sounds bit complicated. However, you do not need to know everything at this stage. Here are couple of things you must know regarding SEO. In simple words, you are making it easy for search engine to access and understand your content.

  • Keep your blog nice and clean – Adding heavy background images, animations and widgets will make it slow to load the pages. It will make it hard for both search engines and visitors to access your content.

  • Search engines need to understand page content in order to rank pages and provide it to the people who are looking for similar content. Therefore, you need to include words that people normally use to search content in your niche. If you need to bring people who search for Cars then you need to include the word, Car and other related keywords (Cars, Vehicles, Engine, and Speed etc).

That is the two basic things you need to know about search engines at this stage. Later in this post, I will explain couple of things that will optimize your blog for the keywords.

Guest Posting is effective way to spread the word and bring more traffic to your blog. You can always ask other bloggers in your niche whether they like to post one of your posts. If they are interested, you can write a small but interesting post for them. Do not try to copy and send one of your existing posts. Guest post will give you couple of inbound links to your blog.

Leaving interesting Comments on other blogs will bring more traffic to your blog. I would like to mention couple of DON’TS.

  • Do not leave your link unless it is related
  • Do not just say “interesting post”, “Really helpful content”
  • Do not boast about your self or your blog.  
  • Do not copy and paste same comment

Leave a related comment to the post that will show that you are interested in the post and show others that you know what you are talking. Try to build a conversation if possible with other commenter and the author of the post.

Requesting Links – Link Exchange is something that I personally do not like. If you have interesting content and keep on posting regularly, you will get inbound links from others who find your content is interesting. However, you can request link exchange with other websites/blogs and forums.

In my next post, I will explain couple of other simple but effective methods to attract more traffic to your blog so soon you can start making money with AdSense

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Start an AdSense Friendly Blog

Last post I gave general introduction about AdSense. I hate introductions and let us see how to create a Blog that can make money with AdSense advertisements.

I thought creating a Blog and adding AdSense ads would start making money strait away. I was waiting for my 100-dollar pay cheque. Even after three months, I noticed that my earnings were zero. I had no clue, what went wrong. I was disappointed, stressed, and frustrated. Finally, I gave it up. Two years later, I started a new blog. This time I did not have an intention to make money from it. It is just for fun. Later I applied AdSense and notice that results are better than the first time.

Most of the AdSense moneymaking tutorials will give you the impression that you will start making money instantly. That is wrong and it is a myth. If you are starting from the scratch, you must not think that by starting a Blog and adding AdSense ads will make money.

Just start a Blog and enjoy blogging.

As I mentioned before creating a blog will not bring traffic or money. It requires hard work, dedication, and luck to make money online. Publishing couple of search engines and AdSense optimized posts and wait until people click on your ads is not enough. You need to continue it for sometimes to the point that search engines, readers, other bloggers notice your blog and keep on visiting.

1. Choose a good topic that you can continue posting.

My choice is to write something I am good at what you do and learn everyday. It can be about your favorite subject, hobby, or career. Then you will not run out of content so easily.

I always try to add something that is useful to me. Someone else will find it useful and gather around your blog.

Home loans, Credit cards, Website Hosting, and Student loans are some of the AdSense favorite topics. They will not do any good unless you are good at the subject and can produce interesting posts regularly.

2. Choose a good blogging platform.

Blogger or WordPress will do the job. Both the platforms support Google AdSense and quite popular in blogging world.

3. Do not worry about it

Do not worry about the blog template, placement of Google Ads and all the fancy things you can do with your blog. Pay attention to the content and increase number of post in your blog.

4. Bring traffic in every possible way.

While you keep on posting, try to bring more and more visitors to your blog. It takes some time to index your blog by major search engines. It can take longer to receive traffic from search engines.

Following is couple of free and effective methods that can bring traffic to your blog. You cannot apply all these methods at once. Try to rotate these methods with time. You will not get board doing the same thing repeatedly. It will refresh you.

Show it to your friends/relatives get their feedback.
Use catchy phrase and link to the blog as your chat status.
Use your blog URL in the email signature.
Yahoo Answers is a place where you can ask and answer question. Every time you answer a question, you can leave a link to a relevant post for further information. If they like your answer, they will visit your blog for more information. If you start your blog on an area where you are confidence, you will be able to answer many questions. In addition, you can see interesting questions from yahoo answers and write it as a post.

Start mentioning about your blog every time you talk about your subject. People will get to know about it and start visiting.

Start linking to other web pages, blogs in your interest. At some stage, they will notice your blog. You can always contact other bloggers and webmasters. Better than link exchange request.

Start leaving interesting commenting on other blogs. Try to be informative and related to the post you are commenting. Most of the bloggers are sick of interesting post, nice post, and thank you type of comments. In addition, leaving your blog URL will consider your comment as a spam.

Do not stop from these methods and try to keep on trying new methods. You can always search for new methods to bring traffic to your blog. These methods are totally depend on you and the visitor and not highly depends on third party like search engine or blog directories. There is no harm trying them out as well but sometimes it is too early for that. Google and other major search engines will eventually index your blog.


What is more important is to start your blog and bring it to stage where you get enough visitors before adding AdSense ads. Start your blog with simple but confidence topic and focus on bringing traffic to your blog. Remember not to go after making online money at this stage. Finally, after you start do not give up.

PS: I did not forget to mention about AdSense, but it is too early for that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Start Making Money with AdSense

Lets start from the scratch. I will try my best to share my AdSense experiences to help you starting AdSense campaign. I am not making millions out of AdSense but I manage to earn something out of AdSnese with the little traffic I get without using any black-hat hacks or tricks.

Whats is AdSense?
AdSense is a service provided by Google to display content related advertisements on a webpage (Mainly) and there are couple of other options. Valid clicks on the advertisements will generate income (Pay Per Click).  As your total reach $100 Google will send you a cheque or direct deposit the total in to nominated bank account. (Google's definition of AdSense)

Can You Trust AdSense?
Yes. Simply AdSense is part of web giant Google and well recognized program.

How AdSense Works?
Simply it is link with AdWords. Advertisement publishers will create advertisements and define a maximum value they would like to pay per click. As you setup your website to display Google AdSense ads it will pickup related advertisements from AdWords and display it in your website.

When a visitor clicks on a advertisements....

Google will charge the advertiser X amount for directing a new visitor to advertisers web page and give you a percentage of it. Rest will be for Google for providing the service. Google define this as a WIN WIN (WIN) situation.

  • Advertiser gets new visitors (ideally leads) for little money and only pays for the valid clicks. (WIN)

  • AdSense user (YOU) will get paid for hosting Advertisements on your web page and directing your visitors to  Advertisers website. (WIN)

  • Google been the middle man get the profit for providing the service. (Of Course thats a WIN)

Before Setup an AdSense Account

Just need to have a website that meet the AdSense program policy and eligibility criteria. (In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. ) However, I would like to add two more conditions on top of it.

  • Website should get more than 100 unique visitors per day.
  • Website should target general audience and not for AdSense gigs.

If you have a website that meet this requirements you should think of setting up AdSense account and start making money. Otherwise you should think of creating website or a blog that gets around 100 visitors first.

Reason behind this is that you will have enough work load, frustration, stress or what ever you call it during the time you start bringing more and more visitors to your website from zero level. To see zero income or something close to zero income from AdSense over that period will add more frustration. Without traffic you cannot make money from AdSense.

What should I do Now?

Start thinking of creating a website or blog that can get attention of majority or general users and start gathering more facts about the subject. If you already have a cool website full of visitors why don't you add AdSense ads to it.

If you would like to learn more about AdSense until the next post.

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