Sunday, December 21, 2008

Learn by doing

Learn by doing is really effective article I found surfing the blogger help. 

This is something I need to try it out. This will be a good guide line to move to next step. I will post the updates as I go.

Monday, December 8, 2008

One dollar per day from AdSense

One dollar per day would be the first sub goal to be archived before reaching the main goal. It is quite easy to archive comparing to 100 dollars per day from AdSense.
How you can archive this goal?

I followed the simplest rule I can think of in terms of AdSense. What is it?

More Visiotors More AdSense Money

You need more than 100 unique visitors per day at least. As you already know this is not a fix value but if your blog or website get 100 hits you will most likely to reach the first goal. 

How you can get 100 users? 

Users mainly find my blog through Google. Slowly it build up the referral visitors as well.

1. Introduce your blog to friends 

If you are just starting and if you do not have any solid blogs or website your friends will be the first user base you would have. 

2. Link with other relevant blogs

Blogger provide a feature to link posts from other blogger blogs. You can use this method to link back to other blogs and you will get a link from their post as a result. In this way you will increase the number of user coming to your blog plus you will end up having interesting posts in your blog. This is not a solid method to increase number of visitors. You will notice it will be peaked for couple of days and suddenly it will drop back to where you were. Google official blog, Gmail official blog provide this feature. 

3. Do not stop writing posts 

If you write more regular posts it will help Google to find your blog. More post you write more keywords you will have in your blog. You will notice with the number of posts umber of visitors to your blog will increase. This is a solid way to increase the number of visitors. 

More Posts = More Key words = More Organic search = More visitors 
More Chance to get AdSense Money

Simply Optimise your AdSense Ads

Simple optimisation will help you to jump from zero dollar AdSense income to one dollar. But I have not notice much difference except for placing the ads in between the posts. 

What Google AdSense recommend? 
* Make the look and feel of the ads same as your blog. 
                                * Select the best suit hot spots for your blog.

It is always give better results when I place adds Will the same back ground colour and same fonts as blog. You can make your Ad border to same colour as background. This is recommended by Google AdSense. 

You should not confuse the visitor and get the clicks. For example you should not place ads just after a title without any content. 

With these simple steps you will be able to move to one dollar per day from zero dollar per day.