Wednesday, February 24, 2010

God please helps me to get $100 per

"Om! AdSense God please helps me to get $100 per day from AdSense formula." I asked the AdSense god.

AdSense God chuckle and said.

“Are you challenging my powers? Create a website with 1000 page impressions and add my ads to it. Also, remember to get 10% click through rate. Cost per click should be $1. You will see $100 per day income in your AdSense report.” [AdSense Calculator]

I replied  

“But how can I achieve this? I am lost. “
“Page Impressions, Click through Rate and cost per click. That’s it??”

AdSense God disappears in thick smoke.

Great, we have built an AdSense friendly blog and discussed couple of simple methods to bring instant traffic to your blog and then we add AdSense ads to the blog.

Let us discuss couple of hacks tricks and tweaks we can try. Before we start, I should mention that I am not AdSense god. I am a blogger just like you, struggling achieving the $100 per day goal. I am sharing my AdSense experience in this blog.

Tip 1

Use the blog text and background colours for the AdSense ads. Also, remove the AdSense ad borders by making it same colour as background. In another word, blend the AdSense ads. This method always worked for me. This tip able to gave me better click through rate. However, that dose not means that blending is the one and only method that works. Try complement and contrast ad units as well. 

Tip 2

Add a single AdSense ad unit blended with the blog post content. I always add it close to the blog post title. It always increases the click through rate for me. Again, remember that your blog post title should not confuse the reader to click on the AdSense advertisements. That is one of the best positions to place large square ad.

Tip 3

Add a link unit in the header section. Always be creative but remember to stay with AdSense TOS. It is effective to add a link unit before, after the header banner, or close to the menu bar of your blog.
You can also try AdSense link unit in the footer of your blog as well.
I only discuss three simple AdSense tips to increase my AdSense click through rate.

Bonus tip: Always test only couple of (one, two, or three) AdSense tricks at once.