Thursday, December 2, 2010

5 AdSense and Blogging Mistakes I have done and You Should Not Do

I am not a AdSense guru who is making millions out of it. I am just like you who is struggling and experimenting with AdSense and blogging to get a better result. I though it would be nice to share some mistakes I have done initially and learnt a lesson. At least you can avoid them.

1. Choose the wrong niche

What is the best blogging niche? Wrong question. It is always effective to choose a better blogging niche as you may not able to find THE best blogging niche. But how can you really know if it is a better blogging niche.
There are list of software and online services that you can use to get an idea about a niche before you choose start blogging. Google Adword Keyword tool and Market Samurai is couple of really good keyword and niche research tools. However, that can only help you to a certain level.

Don't choose a niche that can be covered a wide area. Try to be more specific. Figure out the possible area that you can monetize your niche in future. Also, don't forget to start up with something you are good at.

2. I did not buy a domain name

This is the most stupid and silly mistake I have done initially and still I am suffering. I just start the blog for fun and continue blogging and end up in a stage where it is too late to move it to a domain name. It has already build up number of good inbound links and a reasonable Google page rank that I don't want to lose.

It is important to get the domain name for your blog and start blogging before it is too late. You never know what is going to happened with your blog. Domain name will give a good value to your blog. Remember to get a domain name as soon as you come up with a great idea for blogging. It is less that $15.

3. Why did n't I bought a server and moved to word press

This is similar to the previous point, getting a domain name. However, getting a server is bit expensive than getting the domain. Best deal I have got is from bluehost for $6.95 per month for unlimited band with and unlimited domain names. It took me a while to convince myself to get my own server and have a wordpress blog. It gives me lot of potential and flexibility to improve my blogs and take them to the next level. Blogspot is really good for a start but you should try Wordpress on your own hosting space.

4. I was looking to make money through blogging

Making money from blogging should not be a short term goal. It will be a ultimate goal but you should really concentrate on producing something really useful, crazy, cool or fun. It will give you great potential and you will not disappointed in initial stage by not making enough money through blogging. First you need to build a strong blog that people trust.

5. Target only blogging why not a good  website

Start a blogging and Applying AdSense is the easiest and most popular method. But I have noticed that blogging is not the only way to use AdSesnse effectively. Having a good static website or dynamic website (like a forum, website directory) will add more potential. This is something I missed out in the early stages but now I have started couple of new project to cover these areas.

Bonus Tip: You should not be scared to do mistakes as you will learn lot from them and it will be a great help.
You should try doing things and keep on doing it even though you might feel that it is going to fail. It helped me lot.


Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Monthly AdSense Report November 2010

From last month I started to post the monthly AdSense ups and downs. I can keep track of what positive and negative actions I have made and it is results towards the AdSense earnings. November is a been exciting month for me as I manage to get over 1800 hits per day for 4 days. As a result of that I manage to made around twenty dollars extra this month. I have already explain how I managed to get that results using couple of SEO tricks.

  • Find out a trendy topic / news that many people will be searching for
  • Identify what people really looking to and searching for (Keywords) 
  • Link your post with some other random websites. 
This month I manage to get total of $122.73 from AdSense. Comparing to last months $98.00 it is a +$24.73. 

December month challenge is to figure out a way to get over unique 1000 visitors per day average. I will update AdSense experiments and it's results with you. If you struggling and and trying to figure out AdSense secrets (just like me) don't forget to follow my blog or sign up for RSS.