Friday, October 22, 2010

How to keep your readers longer

Keeping visitors stick to your blog post is one of the biggest challenge that most of the bloggers face. As a new blogger who is trying to improve my blogging skills, I always find it challenging to keep my visitors long enough. Usually people visit blogs for quick updates or quick references. So, naturally blog readers will not stay on the blog for longer time periods. Even though, there are no direct relationship between the AdSense income and how long a visitor stay on one page, it always helps to have a . 

Monitoring Returning Visitor Bounce Rates

Bounce rates are a constantly monitored statistic by every good webmaster. If your visitors are not staying very long on your site you need to know and find out ways to keep your readers longer on your site and increase page views. This can be done with alternative site navigation and better content summaries.Most of us already know that providing original content and well flow of the blog post can attract the readers and make them at least read the whole blog post. However, if you are blogger like me you already know that how hard it is to produce original news or content regularly. There are lot of challenges and perfect answer it is hard but providing quality content frequently is important to increase pageviews from returning visitors by showing them content they might not have read like How to keep your readers longer. Returning Visitor Time on site needs to be monitored just as much as search visitors time spend on your website or blog.

A Simple Hack to Increase Time on Your Site

I choose couple of blog posts that Google already love and sending search engine visitors toward my blog. Check the content and search for interesting Youtube, MetaCafe or any Video relevant to the topic and embedded it to the post. Interesting videos usually able to stick visitors long enough. Content, images and added video will makes a information rich post. Do not forget to write your own opinion of the video content as well. 

How dose this impact my AdSense earning?

It did not improve the click through rate or number of AdSense impressions but value of the Ads. I start getting more out of a single click on AdSense ads. Like I always noticed it is game of balancing everything and improving every single factor to gain a better AdSense earning.