Monday, September 27, 2010

Bring More Traffic Every Day from Google Alert

Traffic is the number one factor to make a good AdSense revenue. More traffic more money. This is boring and not much of a use. Exiting and challenging part is how to bring more and more traffic to your blog every day. These are my latest successful experiment after trying out different AdSense colour pallets which triple the CTR rate.

This time let me tell you how I use Google Alerts to bring more and more traffic to my blog. It is no brainier nor nothing new, but how to use it effectively to achieve what you required. I used Google alerts to get the latest news and changes happening around my niche. You may already know the trick but are you using it?

Why it is working for me? I am not a professional blogger or I don't have a top listed blog. So, I always have to fight with the competition and steal some readers from Google search engine. If you are blogging you know how hard it is to optimise your blog to get in to the top. Google alerts trick has given me couple of more easy methods to achieve it.  If you are someone like me I am sure you can utilize this method as well.

I have set up the keywords which I would love to optimise my blog in Google Alerts. Don’t try to Following is the other settings I have selected.

Type: Everything
This will bring you all the news, blogs, updates, videos and discussion to your email or feed. I will explain later why I am not only targeting quality articles only.

How Often: Once a Day
I am not going to spend the whole day reading Google alerts. I do my best to do a one post per day base on the Google alerts.

Volume: All Results
Again I am targeting all the articles that Google Alerts can send my way. Good once bad once, I don't really care.

Delivered to can be your preferred and familiar way to go through information. I preferred emails.

Once you start getting the Google alerts in to your email or feed you can start doing the post and I would like to share how I do that as well.

If you have chosen to receive Google Alerts on your email don't forget to create a rule that will move Google alert emails to a special folder. Pretty much all the email programs support this feature.

Spend five to 10 minutes to go through the Google Alert emails and open up links that catch your attention. Then take some times to go through all the open sites and find out the interesting topic that you can do a reasonably good post. It can be the similar topic to the original post. Do not forget to improve it.

Do a good research base on the topic and the keyword  that you have chosen. I will try to find some interesting pictures, more reviews, specifications and good video. Combine everything in to one post.

As the topic is new you don't have much competition. If you have done your research and include most of the interesting facts about it search engines and people will find it useful. Mainly as it is a latest and hot topic it will pick up so easily.

I know you can come up with more tricks to improve this and don't forget to share how you go with it.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Supplement your AdSense earnings with Google Affiliate Network

I have been using the Google Affiliate program some times. Even if you are a just started blogging and still waiting it to be picked up and making real money out of it , Google Affiliate program will provide some benefits.

As a beginner you will able to write more product oriented posts which will eventually help you to monetize your blog. You can search for the products which are related your niche and start writing reviews for that. Basically you can use Google Affiliate network to generate more relevant products ideas.

Another thing I have noticed is that more product oriented post will attract high paying AdSense ads. So, you will also having positive impact on AdSense ads earning.

You can find how to joing Google Affiliate network.