Monday, March 21, 2011

January and February 2011 Income Report

As I was busy with work and my three weeks holiday I could not post the monthly income report for February. Therefore I though of posting both income reports together share bit of holiday experience and blogging.

It was great 3 weeks holiday in Sri Lanka and Singapore and had a pretty relaxing time. If you looking for a relaxing getaway I would highly recommend you to visit Sri Lanka. You can enjoy the tropical weather with nice beaches and hotels. Also, Marina Bay Sand (Singapore) is a pretty awesome hotel that you can experience the infinite pool in 57th floor and the Sky-deck. Also, you can spend time shopping and roam around the building complex.

Let's move to the monthly reports.

January  - AU$157.30 
February - AU$138.56 

So, without any major AdSense optimizing change or daily blog post updates the main website generated  more than AU$150.00. Then there is a decline in month February. One good reason is that February is missing 2 days and I did not spend much time updating or brining traffic to the blog.

Will be back soon with more updated and AdSense stories.