Friday, April 24, 2009

I am watching what you you are doing with AdSense

It is always great to see what other are doing with AdSense and their experience. What are the trends secrets up and downs they are going through with Google AdSense. Biggest advantage over knowing whats going around you is to learn more tricks about AdSense.

One of the best place to check these are blogs. As I am sharing my AdSense experience over this blog others share their experiences over their blogs. However, it is not possible to follow that much of blogs every day or even once a week.

You can make it really simple with Google Alert. Create a new alert and use keywords you would like to follow. I follow blogs and news related to AdSense. You will be surprise things you can learn every day/week from these alerts.

After successful alert set up once a week/ once a day you will get a summery of blog posts related AdSense
Do you follow any other methods to receive any alerts? Share it with everyone.

Monday, April 20, 2009

Smacking $100 per day in AdSense

One of the reason why I do not feel that making a 100 dollars per day is there are many people out there who is making 100 dollars or more per day. Here are some stuff I found in the Internet.

#1 Smacking $100 per day in the AdSense Ass: 7 Things I've Learned  by Ryan Caldwell gives out the 7 things you should or you must do to get 100 dollars per day. 

#2 Earn $123 Dollars per Day with AdSense Directory by RichSage gives out 6 tips to make 123 dollars per day. 

#3 100 dollar google AdSense revenue per day By make money explain the secret behind making 100 dollar per day margin. 

#4 Earn 100$ Per Day With Google AdSense by Money Making Online is another great post that explain 8 simple tips and experience behind making 100 dollars per day. 
This is something attract my eyes from this post. 

"If you get 100 visitors per website. 1000 visitors for 10 websites and you get minimum 5000 impressions daily. So, you can get minimum 100 ads clicks. Your earning really go minimum $100 per day."

In general the secret formula is 

                                                               More Traffic = More Money

Are you making 100 dollars per day or is that your goal? Then share your story with me. i would like to hear your story.  

Saturday, April 11, 2009

How to increase refferel traffic to your blog

During the long weekend spend some times analyzing the blog traffic I have been getting and did couple of small changes. Big thank should go to Darren for the 31 days to build a better blog program and I can see a big difference in my blogs as well as the AdSense earnings.

Actions I have taken

#1 Writing list posts is shown a great plus impact on the blog traffic. More Information about link posts.
#2 Submit those list post to social network sites.

#3 Focus more on the referral traffic.


#1 Increased the traffic by hundreds.

#2 Around 20 to 30 visitors coming to the blog at any given time from only on top of organic traffic.

#3 Increased the Feed Subscribers.

#4 Start getting more referral visitors than the organic visitors. Comes to a balance between the referral and organic visitors which is good as you are not depend on one source of traffic.

If you are interested reading more about 27 Must read Tips and Tutorials for Blogger would be a interesting collection of posts.

Monday, April 6, 2009

[31DBBB] Write an Elavator Pitch for my Blog

As I mentioned in the previous post I am following ProBlogger 31 Days to build a better blog program. 1st day is to Write an Elevator Pitch.

"Lets earn 100 AdSense dollar per day with me."

Hope this sounds good and I will try my best to stick with it and build this blog base on it. If you want to earn a reasonable figure from AdSense and if you have a blog or website this might be good start to bring it to next level. More about how to write a Elevator Pitch can be found in ProBlogger.

Thursday, April 2, 2009

Five Dollars Per Day

First of all I should mark that completion of the second sub goal: Make $100.00 dollars withing four months(Average $1.00 per day) . Main Blog CrazzyCool hacks Tricks and Tweaks reach page rank 3 withing after a short time of it reached page rank 2.

Things I followed.
* Keep of Posting - At this stage I did not think much about the content as I was really busy with other stuff. Anyway did not forget to keep my blog.
* Add the Google AdSense in the middle of the post - Which I believe improve the Ad visibility to the users. How to Add AdSense Ads In the middle of the post. will explain how you can apply adin in the middle if you are using a Blogger account.

* Did not do any major change to the look and feel of the blog.

Next sub goal would be to reach $5.00-$10.00 dollars per day from AdSense. That should bring the $100 dollar margin (Magic number) less than four months.

Things I Plan to do..
* Start a new blog that will go in a different direction to the main blog that I am having currently.
* As I mentioned in my previous post follow up 31 days to build a better blog from ProBlogger.

I will update as I progress with the second goal. Do you have anything extra to add?