Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Getting Un-Banned From Google AdSense

Getting banned from Google AdSense is quite easy and getting it back is hard, but it is not impossible. I have found quite interesting post about getting un-banned your AdSense account at hobo. I thought it might be quite interesting share that story with you as many of you get banned your account because of invalid click activities.

According to Shaun, he has able to get is account activated by simply sending a appeal to the AdSense team. In his case his site had decent content rich site and he did not make any invalid clicks intentionally.

What can we learn from this? How can we keep our AdSense Account safe? Most of you even I am having this problem. How to protect our AdSense account from invalid clicks done by other to make your account banned.

1. Always stick to and keep on updating with Google AdSense TOS.
2. If you notice any sort of funny activities take necessary actions to correct it.
In any case if your account get banned it is worth keep on appealing for it and get it back. Sometimes you might have to talk to couple of people. More than anything it is really important that you are not trying to cheat their system. In any case your account got banned you can activate it again.

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Best Keyword for AdSense & SEO

This is post is base on couple of experiments I have done combining couple of methods to choose the best keywords for your niche. I will go through individual methods as well to make it clear and understand easily.

Method 1 : Choose the less competitive but popular keywords in your post
Type : Search Engine Optimization
Target : Increase Traffic

This is a well know SEO methods to bring extra traffic to your website. I did not use this method for sometimes as I was mainly focus on getting more and more post done at the beginning. After having many post of one the thing I have notice is even I cannot find the post by searching what I am looking for. That's all because some post I
didn't mentioned the keyword phrase that normally a person would look for. How others suppose to find my post in Goggle. Therefore it is really important to check what people are searching and how they do it.
Search Engine Optimization professionals tweaked it a bit. You can use less competitive but popular keywords so you have better chance of displaying your site in top of the search result. You can simply use Google Adword keyword tool to find out the competition and monthly search volume for given keyword.

Here is couple of more tricks you can apply to get better results from the keywords.
* Give links to the page with the same keywords anchor text from other pages in your website. Try to link from the pages that has better Page rank (eg Home page)
* If chance of getting external links use these key words as the anchor text.

Method 2 : Choose high paying keywords
Type : AdSense Optimization
Target : Increase Page eCPM

we have already discussed couple of methods to find the keywords that pay high price for a single click. Again this is some thing I have noticed. Suddenly AdSense income start to drop even though I was getting more clicks than before and I checked the closest changes I have made. Its nothing but my content. I wrote five six posts on the same topic one after another and keywords used in those posts display pay only couple of cents as the technology is fairly new. Done a small research and add couple of post with high paying key words and things are roll back to normal. Sometimes it even gave me better results like paying $1.00 for one click.

Method: Find the Best Keyword for AdSense plus SEO

How about combining the above two methods and try to find the keyword set for
your niche that are popular, less competitive and high paying. What we discussed in bottom line of AdSense helped me to find this combination. If you are following the above two methods it is easy for your to combine the two set of results to get the common keywords set.

If you find it difficult to find the common keyword set you can always get the two sets of relevant keywords separately and use them separately. So one set of keywords will help you getting more and more traffic while other keywords help displaying high paying AdSense Ads for you. Basically what we are doing here is targeting two areas that help increasing AdSense revenue at the same time instead of focus on one thing at a time.

Hope this will help you to make your site AdSense optimized. Remember always you have to tailor made it to suit it to you.

Sunday, September 6, 2009

How to make 100 dollar per day in AdSense

Adsense Screenshots to check for Allowed WebsitesImage by gopal1035 via Flickr

Let me tell you the secret. How to make 100 dollars per day using AdSense ads in your blog or website. Not only one way but two ways to achieve it .

First Method

This is the most common method you can see in many AdSense guides out there. Sounds quite easy. I know all of you will like it.

It is quite a number game. You just have to figure out the easiest way to generate 100 dollars with in 24 hours using the AdSense formula. First figure our what you need to make money out of AdSense. They are Traffic, Clicks and Earning per click.

So if you are displaying AdSense ads that pays you one dollar per click you only have to get 100 clicks. If you get 5% of page CTR then you need to bring around 2000 visitors to your site. Same way if you manage to display AdSense ads that pay you two dollars you will need only 1000 visitors.

How to choose the high paying key words? We have already discussed some simple ways to figure out the high paying key words. Google Search based key word tool and spyfu will help you to figure out keywords that might pay you $1-$2 dollars per click. Great!!!

You must optimize AdSense Ads to improve the page CTR. We have gone through couple of methods to place the ads in the best spot where it gets visitors attention. You can always find pretty good tips and updated from the AdSense blog as well. Much better!!!

Now only thing you have to solve it the traffic. If you Google "ways to increase traffic to your web site" you will end up getting thousands of ways to get traffic for free. Anyway lets have a quick look at couple of methods to bring traffic.

Search Engine - Need extra effort in SEO but one of the main source.
Yahoo Answers - Answer the related questions in Yahoo Answers and drop a related website or article.
Twitter -
Article Writing - Regularly submitting articles to article sites such as Ezine and hub pages will bring lot of traffic to your web site.
Comment on other sites -
Forums -
And there are so many other ways to bring traffic to your web site. So the final problem is solved. According to the equation now you should be earning hundred or more than hundred dollars per day.

You might be thinking why the hell I haven't told you that I have achieved the 100 dollars per day. Because the above method is based on the numbers but when it come to real world there are lot of other factors will added to it where you will need lot more experiments and working need to be done. However, don't through the first method because we will build on it.

Second method to make 100 dollars per day

What we went through in first method is absolutely what we requires to achieve. But the way to achieve it is not that straight forward as it look like. You are dealing with humans not machines. One day with 1000 visitors you will get 20 clicks and another day it can be zero. Also, the way AdSense build the system Ads will compete to get the position in your site with other AdWord ad publishers. You might end up getting different amounts for the click even though it is the same keyword.

These are some facts you have to figure out and hardly repeat on another website. Thats where you need to build up your own experiments base on the tips and tricks that you can learn from other.

Bottom line to AdSense Income will be a better place to start or refine your AdSense campaign. Do not forget to share your experience with us.
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