Sunday, January 31, 2010

It is time to introduce AdSense ads to your blog

I was keeping the AdSense ads away from our new blog for couple of reasons.

                 Without traffic, AdSense will not be effective

However, after you start getting around 100 or more users per day you can start adding couple of AdSense ads and stat experiment on them.  It takes time to get use to AdSense ads and figure out what combination works best for you.

First thin first, Signup for AdSense account. You need to meet some basic requirements to check before you sign up.
             You should have a website
             You should not have an approved AdSense account
             Your site should not include incentives to click on ads
             Your site should not include pornographic content
In some regions, you need to maintain the website for a certain period before applying for an AdSense account. However, in 100 dollars per day we kept our new blogs out of AdSense until we get enough traffic to test AdSense ads.

              Also, have a close look at the Google AdSense Program Policies. If everything seems to be in your side jump in to the AdSense signup page and create a new account.

Good luck with your new AdSense account.

Always you can share your blog website in here. Give a brief description and leave a link to your blog. I am happy to visit your blog and share what I think about your blog. 

Saturday, January 23, 2010

How to bring traffic to your blog quickly before AdSense

Google AdSense will not be effective without traffic. We have been discussing some effective method to bring traffic to your blog. Most of the method I covered work in long term run. It is always interesting to see people visiting my blog and Google Analytics count skyrocketing. That is the first thing I want to see. Let us have a quick look at instant method to bring more and more people toward your blog.

You want some quick methods to bring traffic to your blog without much trouble. Let us start with couple of methods I tried and you are always welcome to add your quick traffic secrets. This is highly recommended for bloggers who start from zero traffic to get some visitors on their way before adding Google AdSense.

1. Yahoo Answers

Create a yahoo-answer account. Start answering the questions related your niche with reference link to your best suite blog post. Answer many questions as possible. If you do not have a related post in your blog, write a new small post answering the question in details. You can notice many people who found your answer in yahoo-answers visited your blog. You should be able to see the results instantly.

2. Twitter

Early days only followers saw your tweets in twitter. Now anyone can search your tweets. In addition, you can see trending topics in twitter search. Create a twitter and start tweeting your blog posts.

Quick traffic secret is including a trending topic in your tweet and relate it to your post so more people will find it catchy. You will be happy to see peak

3. Reddit

I found Reddit is another quick way to bring tens to hundreds new visitors towards your blog. Traffic hack is to add your blog post in to the most appropriate reddit. Do not be so greedy by adding it to groups that has more followers. However, adding it to reddits that has couple of thousand followers will do the trick. If your title is catchy, you will see some goo traffic results.

Bonus tip: If you add a post that says, Windows 7 is the best in Apple reddit you will see some comment punches as well. Be creative and steal their attention.

4. Blogger Blogs – Link to this post

If you closely exam a blogger blog post you might see a link saying “link to this post”. Some blogger bloggers disable this feature but many keep them enabled. Click on that and it will ask you to sign up for your Blogger blog account and you can rewrite the same post in your word and post it. Behind the seen, it will add your link under the original blogger blog post. Imagine a blog that is getting thousands of visitors for their latest blog posts. I am sure you will get couple of hundred out of them to your blog.
Quick traffic hint: Try to link to a newly posted post, as it is going to be bombarded with traffic. Do not choose a blog randomly, but one of the best in your niche that allows to link to their posts.

5. Comment on big blogs

This is the fifth in my quick traffic method box. Try to follow some big blogs in your niche. Leave some interesting true comments regularly. If you find related blog post in your blog, drop the link with the comment. I am sure you will be happy with your traffic results. This will help you find more and more valuable readers short term and long term.

Here is the general tip for quick ways to bring traffic to your AdSense friendly blog. Rotate the quick traffic methods that no one will notice that you are trying to spam. Imagine that you are stealing some traffic from five big banks. You do not want to be noticed by trying to take more. Meanwhile try to find couple of other traffic banks to your cycle.

Great! Good luck with your new blogs. Take some time to share your quick traffic banks you robbed recently. Feel free to leave your link and I will be visiting your blog.

Thursday, January 14, 2010

Bring traffic to your blog before AdSense ads

I talked about AdSense and AdSense friendly blog in my previous two posts. What would be the next thing you have to do before you try out AdSense ads? Bring traffic to your blog. 

Just creating a blog and add couple of post will not bring traffic to your blog. If you are new to online business then it is essential to know what the promising ways to bring traffic to your web site/blog. With time, you will identify the most effective traffic source to your blog. It is different from blog to blog, niche to niche, person to person. I hate traffic formulas. Most of them are not practical. It will not going to happen in one night. However, you have the power and resource to do better than these traffic formulas. What is working out for you? Only you can answer that with time.

I would like to share list of things you can do to bring more and more traffic. I will only give handful of methods that you can follow.

Write good content (Post) is the number one. Blog post you write should be useful to the readers to make them read it and come back for more content. If you have chosen a niche that, you enjoy doing then this is not a hard task. Because, you know useful hacks and tricks in your niche. Always remember to put something that will useful to you with your opinion. You automatically produce interesting content and targeting a group in your subject who likes your ideas.

Post frequency is another key factor when it comes to pull traffic to your blog. Try your best to post as much as you can at the start and then build a rhythm. First, you need more and more content. When you post regularly, search engine will pick up your blog. Additionally, it will increase the number of keywords and its density to rank your blog.

SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) sounds bit complicated. However, you do not need to know everything at this stage. Here are couple of things you must know regarding SEO. In simple words, you are making it easy for search engine to access and understand your content.

  • Keep your blog nice and clean – Adding heavy background images, animations and widgets will make it slow to load the pages. It will make it hard for both search engines and visitors to access your content.

  • Search engines need to understand page content in order to rank pages and provide it to the people who are looking for similar content. Therefore, you need to include words that people normally use to search content in your niche. If you need to bring people who search for Cars then you need to include the word, Car and other related keywords (Cars, Vehicles, Engine, and Speed etc).

That is the two basic things you need to know about search engines at this stage. Later in this post, I will explain couple of things that will optimize your blog for the keywords.

Guest Posting is effective way to spread the word and bring more traffic to your blog. You can always ask other bloggers in your niche whether they like to post one of your posts. If they are interested, you can write a small but interesting post for them. Do not try to copy and send one of your existing posts. Guest post will give you couple of inbound links to your blog.

Leaving interesting Comments on other blogs will bring more traffic to your blog. I would like to mention couple of DON’TS.

  • Do not leave your link unless it is related
  • Do not just say “interesting post”, “Really helpful content”
  • Do not boast about your self or your blog.  
  • Do not copy and paste same comment

Leave a related comment to the post that will show that you are interested in the post and show others that you know what you are talking. Try to build a conversation if possible with other commenter and the author of the post.

Requesting Links – Link Exchange is something that I personally do not like. If you have interesting content and keep on posting regularly, you will get inbound links from others who find your content is interesting. However, you can request link exchange with other websites/blogs and forums.

In my next post, I will explain couple of other simple but effective methods to attract more traffic to your blog so soon you can start making money with AdSense

Thursday, January 7, 2010

How to Start an AdSense Friendly Blog

Last post I gave general introduction about AdSense. I hate introductions and let us see how to create a Blog that can make money with AdSense advertisements.

I thought creating a Blog and adding AdSense ads would start making money strait away. I was waiting for my 100-dollar pay cheque. Even after three months, I noticed that my earnings were zero. I had no clue, what went wrong. I was disappointed, stressed, and frustrated. Finally, I gave it up. Two years later, I started a new blog. This time I did not have an intention to make money from it. It is just for fun. Later I applied AdSense and notice that results are better than the first time.

Most of the AdSense moneymaking tutorials will give you the impression that you will start making money instantly. That is wrong and it is a myth. If you are starting from the scratch, you must not think that by starting a Blog and adding AdSense ads will make money.

Just start a Blog and enjoy blogging.

As I mentioned before creating a blog will not bring traffic or money. It requires hard work, dedication, and luck to make money online. Publishing couple of search engines and AdSense optimized posts and wait until people click on your ads is not enough. You need to continue it for sometimes to the point that search engines, readers, other bloggers notice your blog and keep on visiting.

1. Choose a good topic that you can continue posting.

My choice is to write something I am good at what you do and learn everyday. It can be about your favorite subject, hobby, or career. Then you will not run out of content so easily.

I always try to add something that is useful to me. Someone else will find it useful and gather around your blog.

Home loans, Credit cards, Website Hosting, and Student loans are some of the AdSense favorite topics. They will not do any good unless you are good at the subject and can produce interesting posts regularly.

2. Choose a good blogging platform.

Blogger or WordPress will do the job. Both the platforms support Google AdSense and quite popular in blogging world.

3. Do not worry about it

Do not worry about the blog template, placement of Google Ads and all the fancy things you can do with your blog. Pay attention to the content and increase number of post in your blog.

4. Bring traffic in every possible way.

While you keep on posting, try to bring more and more visitors to your blog. It takes some time to index your blog by major search engines. It can take longer to receive traffic from search engines.

Following is couple of free and effective methods that can bring traffic to your blog. You cannot apply all these methods at once. Try to rotate these methods with time. You will not get board doing the same thing repeatedly. It will refresh you.

Show it to your friends/relatives get their feedback.
Use catchy phrase and link to the blog as your chat status.
Use your blog URL in the email signature.
Yahoo Answers is a place where you can ask and answer question. Every time you answer a question, you can leave a link to a relevant post for further information. If they like your answer, they will visit your blog for more information. If you start your blog on an area where you are confidence, you will be able to answer many questions. In addition, you can see interesting questions from yahoo answers and write it as a post.

Start mentioning about your blog every time you talk about your subject. People will get to know about it and start visiting.

Start linking to other web pages, blogs in your interest. At some stage, they will notice your blog. You can always contact other bloggers and webmasters. Better than link exchange request.

Start leaving interesting commenting on other blogs. Try to be informative and related to the post you are commenting. Most of the bloggers are sick of interesting post, nice post, and thank you type of comments. In addition, leaving your blog URL will consider your comment as a spam.

Do not stop from these methods and try to keep on trying new methods. You can always search for new methods to bring traffic to your blog. These methods are totally depend on you and the visitor and not highly depends on third party like search engine or blog directories. There is no harm trying them out as well but sometimes it is too early for that. Google and other major search engines will eventually index your blog.


What is more important is to start your blog and bring it to stage where you get enough visitors before adding AdSense ads. Start your blog with simple but confidence topic and focus on bringing traffic to your blog. Remember not to go after making online money at this stage. Finally, after you start do not give up.

PS: I did not forget to mention about AdSense, but it is too early for that.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Start Making Money with AdSense

Lets start from the scratch. I will try my best to share my AdSense experiences to help you starting AdSense campaign. I am not making millions out of AdSense but I manage to earn something out of AdSnese with the little traffic I get without using any black-hat hacks or tricks.

Whats is AdSense?
AdSense is a service provided by Google to display content related advertisements on a webpage (Mainly) and there are couple of other options. Valid clicks on the advertisements will generate income (Pay Per Click).  As your total reach $100 Google will send you a cheque or direct deposit the total in to nominated bank account. (Google's definition of AdSense)

Can You Trust AdSense?
Yes. Simply AdSense is part of web giant Google and well recognized program.

How AdSense Works?
Simply it is link with AdWords. Advertisement publishers will create advertisements and define a maximum value they would like to pay per click. As you setup your website to display Google AdSense ads it will pickup related advertisements from AdWords and display it in your website.

When a visitor clicks on a advertisements....

Google will charge the advertiser X amount for directing a new visitor to advertisers web page and give you a percentage of it. Rest will be for Google for providing the service. Google define this as a WIN WIN (WIN) situation.

  • Advertiser gets new visitors (ideally leads) for little money and only pays for the valid clicks. (WIN)

  • AdSense user (YOU) will get paid for hosting Advertisements on your web page and directing your visitors to  Advertisers website. (WIN)

  • Google been the middle man get the profit for providing the service. (Of Course thats a WIN)

Before Setup an AdSense Account

Just need to have a website that meet the AdSense program policy and eligibility criteria. (In some locations, including China and India, we require publishers to have owned their sites for 6 months. ) However, I would like to add two more conditions on top of it.

  • Website should get more than 100 unique visitors per day.
  • Website should target general audience and not for AdSense gigs.

If you have a website that meet this requirements you should think of setting up AdSense account and start making money. Otherwise you should think of creating website or a blog that gets around 100 visitors first.

Reason behind this is that you will have enough work load, frustration, stress or what ever you call it during the time you start bringing more and more visitors to your website from zero level. To see zero income or something close to zero income from AdSense over that period will add more frustration. Without traffic you cannot make money from AdSense.

What should I do Now?

Start thinking of creating a website or blog that can get attention of majority or general users and start gathering more facts about the subject. If you already have a cool website full of visitors why don't you add AdSense ads to it.

If you would like to learn more about AdSense until the next post.

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