Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Why I do not use AdSense?

AdSense is a the easiest way of making money out of your website or blog. However, there are places and situation I would not use AdSense Simply not because it is out of AdSense TOS.

I do not use AdSense if majority of the visitors know inside out of AdSense. Because they will not click on AdSense even the advertisement is relevant or sounds interesting. If they click it will be intentionally I suppose. Why should I waste space for AdSense ads. It is better to fill that space with more content or another source of income. Might be more interesting to use a relevant affiliate product.

I do not use AdSense if I really think it will kill the readability of the page. Most of the cases you have to place the ads blended or middle of the content to improve the CTR. I do not think there is any problem with it. but personally if I feel that will cause problems for the visitors then I do not use AdSense ads. Also no point of placing the ads in some where else that will not generate any income.

Recently I figure out that I must take AdSense ads out of the blogs that do not generate income even though you get so many clicks. For example you will get some where around $0.05 per click. That is all because of the content of the website might not display high paying ads. Either you can research to find high paying keywords in the niche. If not I will not display AdSense ads.

Is there any reason why you will not use AdSense ads in your website or blog? What I have understand after experimenting with AdSense for sometimes that I should not use AdSense ads every where that I can think of but only in the places that it is generating a income. That will help you to keep your AdSense account clean and easy to do more researches to improve your AdSense income. This might sounds that I am bit angry with AdSense but I strongly feel that experiment AdSense in different conditions time to time and if it works try to improve it. If it dose not work and still you cannot find a way to make it work then drop it and look for the another method. AdSense is not suppose to make money in all sort of website and in all sort of conditions.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Checking AdSense Balance Everyday

Are you addicted to AdSense? Yes. I think I am addicted to it and notice that I am spending lots of time just checking the AdSense balance as a routine. Wait a second dose it have anything to do with making more money out of it? I do not think so.

Yes if you are keep on waisting time every day just to check the AdSense balance them you MUST stop it. Because checking the AdSense balance every day is nothing to do with making more money out of AdSense.

Firstly I force my self not to log into AdSense account everyday. Even I have time I will not going in that way. Secondly I made a small schedule to log into AdSense and check the balance, if there is any updates or messages. If you are following the Adsense blog then you do not have to worry about keep on update with AdSense. If there is anything that affect to everyone it should be in the AdSense blog.

It is bit hard in the beginning but slowly you can train yourself to go into AdSense account once a week. Hard part is it is always tempting to check how much you have earned today.

Then what makes a positive impact on your AdSense earnings?

Spend time analyzing previous months or weeks and figure out the ups and down of your earnings and try to repeat the successful days and plan to avoid the bad days. AdSense reposts as well as linking the AdSense with Analytics accounts will provide you better view of how you make money from your AdSense Ads. It ables to show you which page it is generating more income, higher CTR. Even you can trace is there any pattern from the visitors you get from referral sites. Fore example: is there any trend to click on ads by the visitors you get from bing or yahoo search engines. Where you can come to conclusion what actually make money from some pages than others. Then try to apply that in to other web pages as well. This kind of analysis is more productive than checking the AdSense balance every day or worst couple of times a day.