Monday, August 31, 2009

Bottom line of AdSense Income - Better Place to Start

I was checking my AdSense income today and notice something that help me to understand and get a clear picture of Adsense. I am sure it would help me in my goal to hundred dollars per day goal.

I have been searching, reading and trying to implement so many tricks and hacks to increase AdSense revenue. I will not say they are wrong. However, it is quite important to understand what exactly we are doing and how it can help to improve AdSense income. More than that you should simplify the whole process so you can see everything in one clear picture.

There are only four factors that will change your AdSense earnings.
1. Page Impressions
2. Clicks
3. Page eCPM (Effective cost-per-thousand impressions)

Whatever the white hat tips you follow to improve the AdSense earning should improve one or couple of the above factors positively.

Why this is so important?

1. Now on you will not be doing any changes or take any actions blindly and expect better result in AdSense. Before you applying it you can see what how it is going to effect your income.

2. If you have missed or forgotten one or more key areas you can start strengthening them by spending more time and effort on them.

3. You and increase AdSense earning exponentially by improving all the four factors comparing to improving only one.

We can build a simple equation just to show how this going to work.
Page Impressions x Clicks x Page eCPM = AdSense Earning

Now we will apply some values to our AdSense equation.

Sample 1 PI (1) x Clicks (1) x Page eCPM (1) = AdSense Earning (1)
Sample 2 PI (3) x Clicks (3) x Page eCPM (3)= AdSense Earning (27)
Sample 3 PI (12) x Clicks (1) x Page eCPM (1) = AdSense Earning (12)

This is simple explanation how it will increase your AdSense earning. Consider Sample 1 as your current situation of AdSense.

(Sample 3) Imagine you have concentrate only on improving the Page Impression and by spending more time and money increase the it by twelve(12) times than your current status. It will only increase your earnings by 12 times.

If you can put the same effort on three areas equally you will have a better result than Improving only one factor. (Sample 2)

In basic what I am trying to say is knowing the basic formula of AdSense and have a better and clear picture how AdSense works will help you to put a good foundation to your campaign. Improving all the factors equally will give you much better results than what you can think of.

Stay tune to AdSense 100 dollars per day I will share how this simple formula will improve my AdSense earnings and other formulas we can derive from this.
What do you think about this method? Do you have anything to add to this?

Sunday, August 30, 2009

High Paying AdSense Key Words

If you have been using AdSense for a while I am quite sure you have searched "Top paying AdSense key words", "Highest paying AdSense key words" and similar search phrases. I have been searching as well. However, I could not find any useful list or the lists I have come cross does not related to what I am good at. Recently I have notice that I was wrong, not because I found a software that I bought for couple of dollars and I want you to buy it as well so I get some commission.

Student loans and mesothelioma is the most paid AdSense key words doe not mean much. Dose it? It is not related to what I am good at and I do not have much to say about it. So it is always important to figure out the most paying key words in your subject.

Other fact is there are subjects that are relatively having majority of the keywords are high paying while some niches does not have much high paying key words. If you are starting a new blog or website aiming to use AdSense as the main profit it is always good to use a niche that have more high paying Keywords. Otherwise there is no much point wasting online space for AdSense.

Ok let see how we can find these mystery keywords for AdSense. There is no direct way to tell how much exactly you will earn for a click for each keyword. I am sure AdSense or any other pay per click service will not release such information.

I have come cross another way to guess the value of the keywords. If advertisers pays/bid high for a keyword that mean theres a bigger chance you will get paid high for that key word.

You can easily find out roughly suggested bid and competition for keywords. and Search-based Keyword tool (new AdWord Keyword tool) will do the job for you.

Spyfu is a search that will tell you price range that Advertisers pays for keywords. So you can use this to find out what are the good keywords in your niche simply searching for them.

Search-based keyword tool is extend version of Google AdWord Keyword tool (You might have to have a AdWord account) which give you a suggested bid for you as a advertiser. Again you can double check spyfu result or have a general idea about how much you would get paid for each click in AdSense.

You can start using it and you will able to find amazing finding and reason why you get really low income even though you are having good click through rate. I know you can always mix up high paying keywords with AdSense boring subject without affecting the readers.

For people who want to know the top 100 keywords with the hight paying per click.

I have found Data Recovery and related keywords are having a pretty high value.

What are the high paying keywords you have found so far?

Wednesday, August 19, 2009

More things to talk about AdSense

@busstoped who is managing the letblog brought up couple of more interesting things to talk about AdSense. Yes it is quite interesting to share ideas thoughts which are not altered with marketing techniques. I am trying my best to keep this blog as one of them to share just the my experiences with AdSense and you are always welcome to share your ideas, experience, thoughts I do not mind sharing your website or blog here.

So the important facts that he has mentioned in his comments are as follows.

1. You have to be really careful with the AdSense information you are giving out in public as giving out CRT and too much statistics about AdSense is against the AdSense TOS. Yes. I agree with that I will take it as a good guide line for this blog s we talk about AdSense here.

2. Why FeedBurner dose not generate much income with AdSense.
Yes I have been trying the AdSense for Feeds but to be honest I do not see much progress with it still. Main reason I see with feed is that at the movement I do not have enough feed followers to generate clicks.

Ad Placement is limited only to display ads top of each post or at the bottom of the post. However I an doing couple of test with it and will share the result in future.

It is quite challenging and it is quite fun achieving it. Once again busstoped (letblog) thanks for sharing your thoughts.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009


In the 100 dollars per day from AdSense journey I have notice some of the things that you should not do with AdSense that can effect badly on AdSense as well as your website.

1. Website or Blog should not start just to make AdSense money.

AdSense (or similar ads programs) is quite tempting. As you read about AdSense it is quite normal to get a feeling that this is one of the easiest ways to make money online. However, as a person who just started your website/blog with 0 visitors it is a good challenge. If you are one of them you should always forcus on starting a website/blog related to you and that you can enjoy doing it as well as maintain it for some times with interesting contents. Focus on producing important content and fresh ideas. That will bring more people to your website/blog and will always generate good AdSense income in later stages.

2. Expect to make million is one night.

If AdSense is so easy way to make couple of millions even within a year or two then I have a question. Where are all these rich people. There should be more rich people than poor. Yep AdSense is just another way of making money and it can be easier than the other money making methods. But you have to work hard and smart as well as need luck for it. So do not give up sometimes it can happen in couple of days, months or years.

3. Let AdSense overtake your webpage.

Sometimes you might feel like adding AdSense ads all over your page to make more profit. It wont do much good in terms of success of your website/blog or AdSense. It can easily make your regular users stop visiting your site or first time visitors will get a wrong impression. So try to use the maximum number of ads if required but in a controlled way. For example, one banner ad in the header, one large square ad in the middle of the content. Another tower ad in the side bar or navigation bar or banner ad before the footer.

4. Go Against the AdSense TOS

AdSense terms and conditions keep on changing time to time to protect the advertisers as well as to improve the quality of the service they provide. So always you should follow the Adsense terms and conditions as well if you have a unclear areas and you cannot find a direct answer you should question it in AdSense help or in official AdSense forum before you trying it. Trying things against AdSense TOS will banned your AdSense account for ever. Google will find it later or sooner.

5. AdSense is the one and only way to make money

If you go through the AdSense forums you can see how many people were disappointed with making little money with AdSense or about their banned account. AdSense is not the one and only way of making money online. There are so many similar methods as well as totally different ways of making money online. Affiliate programs are one of the famous methods you can find. Always try couple of different methods. If it fail today does not mean that it will fail tomorrow as the conditions may have changed. Also you will have alternative ways of generating income if something else failed.

Some say Best method of Search Engine Optimization is to ignore it. I agree with that. It is pretty much applicable for the AdSense as well. Place the Ads optimize it a little bit. Focus on your content and ways to bring more and more visitors will give you better results.