Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Secret of brining 4300 visitors to a single post

Yes, this is amazing and I am really excited about these numbers. One post manage to attract more than 4000 unique visitors for 4 days. It manage to make extra $20.00. More traffic more AdSense money and that's not a secret any more. It will be interesting to go through what exactly I did to here to get this result. 

Remember I told you that I am using Google News Alerts to know the latest trends and latest stories related to my blog. That really works on giving your visitor the latest information and SEO point of view you will able to blog about trendy topics that most of the people will be searching for. This is not the only way to do that. There are many other ways like twitter, facebook (any Social Website) and special tools Google trends. 

This time I was luck with Yahoo Answers. Suddenly I have noticed that people start asking "What happed to Limewire?". When I really check the Limewire website it was closed due to a legal issues and that created blog post. More than I was lucky I managed to apply SEO Secrets on that post well. Lets run through the SEO tricks I apply on the post one by one. 

1. Keyword Question Blog Titles

Blog Post Title: "What Happened to Limewire?

Title it self is a Keyword Praise. 

That is the best part as I was noticing this in Yahoo Answer, it was easy to know what everyone interested in the story is looking for and the best keywords they use to query in Google. No doubt that title is catchy and get enough attention. 

So, It is important to know what exactly people are looking for and what keywords they use to search. What is the point of posting something that no one search for. Yahoo Answers is a better place to figure out trendy questions that most of the people have and understand how they ask the question. Also,I found this free keyword Question tool comes in handy to get keyword question blog titles for particular niche.

2. Answer the Question 

By default blog post is going to be the answer for the question. If you get the question correctly then there is no reason why the answer can be wrong. But make sure do enough research and resources quickly as possible.  Don't forget to include the keywords you use in the question title. I don't see any reason why someone will miss this but it is quite important. 

3.  Getting Inbound Links 

 Your post is ready and lets start finding some incoming links to the post. I know most of us who start blogging really focus on link exchange to get more and more inbound links. However, most of the case we target the home page. This time I manage to focus on the post. 

I use my blog post link in Yahoo Answer to answer the questions. At that time I was only thinking about the referral traffic. But it turn out to be a plus point for SEO. 

My blogging friend Roezer at Blog HQ gave me a link from his post specially done to support my topic. This was Roezer idea as he use this trick pretty effectively.  It is important to have good friends around you and your blog. 

Thirdly, I went to couple of blogs that talk about Limewire and commented on the posts. I choose them randomly and did not even check the page rank (I do not really care about Page Rank).  I did not just drop my link there but left a relevant thought about the post and drop a link to the post (not to the home page)  where they want me to mention my website.  That way it will not mark it as spam. 

Just by getting these three factors right did the trick. Google index my post instantly and when I check blog stats next day I can see people are visiting the post. There wasn't many referral hits but search engine traffic. It jumped in to 3rd place in Google for "What happened to Limewire?"    

SEO tricks I have mentioned here in not new or figure out by me. I know it is not a big secret as well. Everyone read about them, study about them but how many how us using them properly. Biggest secret and challenge is how you can use these SEO tips in the correct way to get results instantly.  This is just one such a successful scenario. I have lot to learn about and experiment. 

I will make sure I will share all these experiments and its results and don't forget to signup for the 100 dollars per day feed.

Saturday, November 6, 2010

[OCT 2010] AdSense Progress So far -

I am so relax after the exams and it took a while to finish it. There is another good news,today is a holiday. I thought today is the best time to share my progress so far using Adense. This is something I haven't done before but I think this would be really interesting.

I thought it would be nice to look back how it was started and where I am now. It s been a challenge and interesting hobby to work with AdSense ads.

* First month I made only $0.01
* Second month I manage to made $5.00
* It took 8 months to made the first $100 and received the Google AdSense payment
* Last month I made AU$98.00  :) and that is the highest so far for a given calendar month.

What was my secret so far? 

So far my AdSense secret is traffic.It is the key for AdSense earning. Also, you need to play a waiting game with AdSense. You should not worry about the earnings at the beginning, if you are starting from zero visitors.
Without reasonable traffic don't even think about optimizing AdSense ads. 

What would be a reasonable traffic needed to start AdSense earning? 

You need 500 - 1000 unique visitors per day to get a better click through rate and start making AdSense dollars. Then only you can experiment with AdSense optimization and find the best suitable template for your website / blog.

What Should I do to increase AdSense earning for the next month? 

I believe I need to work out and use the traffic increasing methods effectively to get more an more traffic to the blog. Another trick might be to start a new blog and bring it to 500 -1000 visitors per day in short time frame with all the experience I have gained so far.

Good luck with your AdSense earning and hope you enjoy my first income report and if you have any tips and tricks don't forget to share with me.