Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Don't Waste time install Google Publisher Toolbar Today

You don't have to waste time log into your AdSense account, every time you just want to check the AdSense balance. Simply install the Google Publisher Toolbar Chrome extension. Your AdSense Income summery is click away.
In addition, it will show you the statistics for individual ads on your website when you visit one of your website. How cool is it?

Monday, June 27, 2011

AdSense Income Report - April and May

It is been sometimes that I have released the AdSense income report. It was two busy month with work and blogging. I have to share AdSense income report plus some exciting news. First I will go through the AdSense income.

April 2011 AdSense Income: AU$160
May 2011 AdSense Income: AU$137

You might have notice that there is sudden drop in May. Daily income was below $2.00 (Average ) from 22 May to 11 June. Luckily the daily income is back to normal. Couple of close reasons that I can think of .....

1. Receiving lots of invalid clicks
2. Changes done to the AdSense Ads Formats

Blogging update 

1. iilanka.com was graduated with AdSense. iilanka manage to pass the 100 daily visitors level and I applied some large square ads in popular pages. So, far manged to get more than $20 dollars from it.

2. windows8hacks.com was graduated with AdSense as well. I manage to bring more than 100 visitors to the blog within one month.

Hope to share more behind the sense stories about these blogs in the future posts.

Good Luck with your AdSense and Blogging 
Kind Regards

Wednesday, May 11, 2011

111 Click Only 172 Page Views

What you thought was right. Someone is trying to make lots of invalid click on one of my blogs that may result my AdSense account cancelled due to invalid clicks. It is really important to protect your Account account from fraud like this.

As soon as you find out something like this in your AdSense report make sure you report it to AdSense. Fill out the AdSense Invalid Clicks Contact Form and submit it. In any case you will at least have proof that it happened without your knowledge.
Stay tune to 100 dollars per day as I will post April AdSense report.

Wednesday, April 20, 2011

3 things to do before reinvesting the Adsense income

"You must consider your blog as a business". 

This is what most of the professional bloggers would advice. Even though it dose not make thousands of dollars or cover your living cost, you have to consider your blog as a proper business. Then, you will have a good picture of the current situation and long term and short terms goals. In another way, you will also understand the strengths and weaknesses of your blog. 

Question is how you going to treat your blog as a real business? As I am experimenting with AdSense I already focus on making money out my blogs. How about you? If yes, there is no reason why you should not take you blog as a business. 

First thing I did was to calculate the total earnings so far. Only with AdSense manage to make over $2000. Then it adds up the payments I received from domain parking, private ads, affiliate programs and freelance work (which I started recently). However, over the time I have spent some on busing domain names, web servers and various other services. So, I amused that there is $1000 as the opening balance. There is no point that trying to figure out all the expenses and income if you did not document them properly. It is a waste of time. Just get a value that you can afford and more forward with it. Remember to record each and every income and expense, just like a real business. 

Secondly, I calculate the average monthly income. If you gone through the previous monthly income reports you will notice that average income is $150.  

Lastly, you need to figure out ways to reinvest a certain portion of your monthly income. I don't recommend you to spend all the monthly income. Because, you need to plan for worst months as well. Specially if you commit to monthly plan even your income drops you have to make the payments. 

Here is the list of reinvestment ideas currently I am using and planning to use. 

1. Outsource writing blog posts  - 
2. Bought Article Spinning Software - 
3. Bought a Bluehost web server account - 
4. Bought couple of good domain names for future use - 

and I am planning to 

1. Buy link building software 
2. Hire someone for Search Engine Optimization (SEO). 

I really appreciate your thoughts and ideas about this.   

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March AdSense Earning Report: Quite but Good Month

First of all thank you for all the comments and sharing your thoughts and links with me. I really appreciate it and also, thanks for all the guest posts.

Like I mentioned before March was a bit busy month. Therefore, I could not really do major changes or updates to the blogs. However, it did not effect the AdSense income badly.

What would be the best posting frequency for AdSense? According to my blogs I have noticed that Page RPM increases when I post only couple of good posts per month. In most of the cases it goes over $1.00 per click. Some days end up earning more than $10.00. On the other hand, if I post only couple of post per month, gives me the opportunity to manage more blogs at any given month. As, result of that I manage to start two more blogs plus join one more blog with AdSense. I will update the impact on AdSense earning next month through new blogs.

March 2011 AdSense Income: AU$169.95

Again, it manages to pass the AU$150 mark. That is +$31.39 comparing to the last month.

It seems like in next couple of  months I need to figure out a way to make $10 average.  More than the income it is important to enjoy the challenge and experiment with AdSense.

Good Luck with your AdSense journey.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intext Advertising Shows How Advertisers Target Your Content

Infolinks will help you understand Adsense Better
Do you know Infolinks its an intext advertising script that you can use on your site. One of the Things about Infolinks is that you can use it alongside Adsense as a second Income source.

Many website owners do not want intext advertising to be displayed inside their content but if you do not mind using such advertising methods you can give infolinks a try.

One of the things I noticed when I started using intext advertisng on my blog was the words that were highlighted. These were words like Get Cheaper Pay Per Click Keywords. Why were words like that being highlighted with Infolinks well the reason is simple words like
Advertising and Payments Attract Attention from Advertisers and Customers.

So what has Infolinks Got to Do with all this well the reason is quite simple if your content is not showing highlighted keywords in infolinks then you are doing something wrong with the Words you are using in your Post and Article content. If these words do not appeal to advertisers then advertisers will not pay large amounts of money for clicks on those advertisments.

This Goes for all contextual Advertising Programs Like Chitika and 7search.
Visit my site for more about Adsense and Affiliate Programs.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Share and Get More Links and Build your Network

No matter what it is always been a game of getting more and more inbound links and join with group of fellow bloggers will give a SEO boost. I am going to introduce a new site that one of my good friend started. As it says "share and get more links and build a network", you can create create classified Ads, gain back links on autopilot , network with other bloggers and get insider tips for free.

My favorite is that I am able to add my feed url and every time I create a new post I will gain one extra back link from roezer.com. I do not have to worry about it at all. Why don't you join the roezer.com now and get more back links.