Sunday, October 11, 2009

AdSense Income Sharing Porgrams

If you just started a website with AdSense and waiting to get more clicks or looking for more ways to increase your online income through AdSense this might be another good way of approaching it. Before I start I should give full credit to letblog for bringing up this and point out couple of sites. I have done more referral type of post in crazzycool. I would like to look in to the same concept in AdSense point of view.

AdSense is allowing you to share your AdSense revenue with others. Yes this is totally agrees with AdSense TOS. There are so many sites that share its AdSense revenue. Process is simple you just join the website and do exactly what that site is been asking you to do and they will share the revenue with you. Yes it is simple as that. Most of such sites are either content sharing websites, article writing websites or social networks.

Before you join?

You need to check couple of things before you join AdSense revenue sharing programs.

First of all the site should follow AdSense TOS. Otherwise there might be a chance that your account can be banned by AdSense. First go through the website and check what other people has to say about it before you join.

Then it is always worth to check how much traffic they get and what sort of people and page rank of the site. You can get a rough idea from Alexa and Google toolbar. If you join a site that dose not have potential of improving you might be waisting time.

What are the Advantages?

We have been mentioned that there are three main areas that can need to be take care of in order to get a better AdSense profit.

That is Page Impressions (mainly Traffic)
Click (How may clicks you get)
Page eCPM (Basically how much you would get for clicks)

Yes all these variables that effect your AdSense will remain same even in AdSense income share programs. Then what is so cool about it?

As most of these websites gets large number of visitors as soon as you create some content there will be visitors as well as potential clicks on your ads. So only thing you have to get done is to improve it and build on it. It is much easier than starting from zero.

Secondly most of these websites are AdSense optimized. You do not have to experiment on Ad Placement or optimization. Only thing you need to do is to create your content to match it.

So in brief it helps two of our main target areas are covered in AdSense revenue sharing programs.

There are couple of more advantages. If your blog or website is niche base then you are pretty much tied to small area of topic. If you want to try another niche you might have to build another blog and wait till it gets reasonable traffic to test how it work for you. In most of these programs you can easily try different topics different writing styles and key words. It is easy to test as you already got traffic your pages.

As I mentioned before I am fairly new to this area. It would be really nice to see you experiences with me here in comments.

Couple of Programs I have been using

Could of other programs can be found in letblog