Saturday, November 15, 2008

Adsense Rules and Ethics

One of the first thing I've learnt is to stick to rules and expand your limitations within that limit. Specially with Adsense cheating will not going to last long. 

I do not click on Adsense Ads that are display in my sites. 
     This is a pretty strict rule in Adsense. If you think of clicking Ads on your website or blog and make your earning faster actually it will band your Adsense account. For some excusable reasong if Google rejects or band your Adsense account you can email them and sort it out. Otherwise it will be band for ever. This is one of the first thing someone starting Adsense. Following is the couple of things I strictly 

I should not encourage visitors to click on my adds. 
     This is something pretty much similar to the above rule and the result will be the same. 

Recently Google Adsense release a new rule not to display Google Ads just after the Title. As Google Adsense believe it encourage visitors to click on the ads and confuse Ads with the actual content. 

It is really important to up to date with the Google Adsense Terms and Conditions and if you have any questions you can use official Adsense Group or ask the question directly from Google Adsense.

Starting: 100 dollars per day

I dedicate this blog to share ups and downs of achieving the goal 100 dollars per day from Adsense. I think this is quite reasonable challenge bit hard but not impossible. I have already got  the first payment. It took six months to reach hundred dollars. Hundred Dollars for six month is not a considerable amount. As a beginner I went through lot of problems and learnt more about Google Adsense.  Things I learnt and experimented is worth more. I would like to share all these in 100 Adsense Dollars per day blog.

Why I choose 100 dollars per day as my goal? Hundred dollars is what you need to achieve in order to Google to release your check. I believe if I can shorter the time period it takes me to  get hundred dollars, one day you will be able to get it within a day. Believe me or not there are people who earn 100 dollars per day. Even more. 

My first sub goal is achieved. It is just to take the first payment from Google Adsense. As I mentioned it took me six months. My next goal is to get the second payment less than six months. 

I would like to share any information which is not violating the Adsense agreement. I would like to listen to any of your ideas, experience or suggestions. Feel free to give out any links even to your blog or website if you are following this blog.