Wednesday, July 28, 2010

How to identify the best performing scenarios

Making money with AdSense is a very tricky game. However more experiments you do will uncover more tricks. If you can figure out under what conditions AdSense perform best and replicate it again and again you can always get better results.

How about AdSense Basic Report?

You can find very basic report from AdSense and if you don’t use the channels properly then the report is only good to check the daily income. I always find it hard to use channels with my blogs and I cannot get an accurate picture of what is happening with AdSense.

May be Combine AdSense Analytics and Excel

Now you can combine AdSense with Google Analytics (This is a bit old trick). It gives a big picture of what is really happening with your AdSense and the content. By looking at the report you can tell when and where they click and how much you earned from those clicks. This is something we need to know. Especially, if it is a blog then I want to know which post is performing well and which post generated maximum earnings per click.

This is how I use my Analytics statistics with Excel to figure that out.
In AdSense if you go to Content > AdSense > Top AdSense Content you can see all the post and AdSense Revenue, AdSense Ads Clicked, AdSense Page Impressions, CTR and eCPM. For this experiment I am only interested in Revenue and the Ads Clicked. Before that make sure you select couple of month’s statistics to get a clear picture.

To find out how much you earn per click divide the Revenue from Ads Clicked. Excel will come handy for this. Select the table and copy it Excel. Right click and do paste special to remove all the decorations . Now insert a column and do the simple calculation to find out the Revenue per click. Now sort it to find out the best posts or pages. That might be the gold so you can jump to the next step. . I am really sorry that I cannot put any screen shots as it may display the actual figures that are against the AdSense terms and conditions.