Tuesday, April 19, 2011

March AdSense Earning Report: Quite but Good Month

First of all thank you for all the comments and sharing your thoughts and links with me. I really appreciate it and also, thanks for all the guest posts.

Like I mentioned before March was a bit busy month. Therefore, I could not really do major changes or updates to the blogs. However, it did not effect the AdSense income badly.

What would be the best posting frequency for AdSense? According to my blogs I have noticed that Page RPM increases when I post only couple of good posts per month. In most of the cases it goes over $1.00 per click. Some days end up earning more than $10.00. On the other hand, if I post only couple of post per month, gives me the opportunity to manage more blogs at any given month. As, result of that I manage to start two more blogs plus join one more blog with AdSense. I will update the impact on AdSense earning next month through new blogs.

March 2011 AdSense Income: AU$169.95

Again, it manages to pass the AU$150 mark. That is +$31.39 comparing to the last month.

It seems like in next couple of  months I need to figure out a way to make $10 average.  More than the income it is important to enjoy the challenge and experiment with AdSense.

Good Luck with your AdSense journey.


  1. Nice work! Personally, I just passed the first $100 mile-stone.
    It's cool to go from penny days to dollar days. I made $16 in March and doubled it in April to $33.

    I found that writing some EE (estimated earnings) goals on paper REALLY helps! You can just keep checking off smaller goals, and make new goals once you achieve what you wanted.

    Cheers to your 10 dollar days!

  2. Nice to hear that you have reach. First $100 mark. Yes, setting up small goals can help you a lot. Good luck.


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