Monday, June 27, 2011

AdSense Income Report - April and May

It is been sometimes that I have released the AdSense income report. It was two busy month with work and blogging. I have to share AdSense income report plus some exciting news. First I will go through the AdSense income.

April 2011 AdSense Income: AU$160
May 2011 AdSense Income: AU$137

You might have notice that there is sudden drop in May. Daily income was below $2.00 (Average ) from 22 May to 11 June. Luckily the daily income is back to normal. Couple of close reasons that I can think of .....

1. Receiving lots of invalid clicks
2. Changes done to the AdSense Ads Formats

Blogging update 

1. was graduated with AdSense. iilanka manage to pass the 100 daily visitors level and I applied some large square ads in popular pages. So, far manged to get more than $20 dollars from it.

2. was graduated with AdSense as well. I manage to bring more than 100 visitors to the blog within one month.

Hope to share more behind the sense stories about these blogs in the future posts.

Good Luck with your AdSense and Blogging 
Kind Regards


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    Thank You

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