Sunday, April 17, 2011

Intext Advertising Shows How Advertisers Target Your Content

Infolinks will help you understand Adsense Better
Do you know Infolinks its an intext advertising script that you can use on your site. One of the Things about Infolinks is that you can use it alongside Adsense as a second Income source.

Many website owners do not want intext advertising to be displayed inside their content but if you do not mind using such advertising methods you can give infolinks a try.

One of the things I noticed when I started using intext advertisng on my blog was the words that were highlighted. These were words like Get Cheaper Pay Per Click Keywords. Why were words like that being highlighted with Infolinks well the reason is simple words like
Advertising and Payments Attract Attention from Advertisers and Customers.

So what has Infolinks Got to Do with all this well the reason is quite simple if your content is not showing highlighted keywords in infolinks then you are doing something wrong with the Words you are using in your Post and Article content. If these words do not appeal to advertisers then advertisers will not pay large amounts of money for clicks on those advertisments.

This Goes for all contextual Advertising Programs Like Chitika and 7search.
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  1. That's interesting. SO do you have a referral link at all so you can get credit if anyone decides to try infolinks?

  2. I have recently applied infolinks to my website, and so far the results are satisfactory.

  3. Hi Ray,
    They have a referral program but many do not know how to find their referral link.It is included in all the infolinks ad units where it says infolinks at the bottom of the infolinks ads if you right click and copy the link location that is where it is kind of hard to explain without an image :)

  4. Thanks Abeer,
    Sometimes earning with infolinks goes up and down there are days I get over $1.50 and others less than 0.20 cents

  5. Abeer thanks for the comments and sharing the blog. I found it really interesting and add a link from BLOGS THAT I FOLLOW.



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