Monday, March 21, 2011

January and February 2011 Income Report

As I was busy with work and my three weeks holiday I could not post the monthly income report for February. Therefore I though of posting both income reports together share bit of holiday experience and blogging.

It was great 3 weeks holiday in Sri Lanka and Singapore and had a pretty relaxing time. If you looking for a relaxing getaway I would highly recommend you to visit Sri Lanka. You can enjoy the tropical weather with nice beaches and hotels. Also, Marina Bay Sand (Singapore) is a pretty awesome hotel that you can experience the infinite pool in 57th floor and the Sky-deck. Also, you can spend time shopping and roam around the building complex.

Let's move to the monthly reports.

January  - AU$157.30 
February - AU$138.56 

So, without any major AdSense optimizing change or daily blog post updates the main website generated  more than AU$150.00. Then there is a decline in month February. One good reason is that February is missing 2 days and I did not spend much time updating or brining traffic to the blog.

Will be back soon with more updated and AdSense stories.


  1. Enjoy your time,
    nice going by the way.

  2. Thanks Abeer. Yes It is really fun to see the AdSense income reports monthly and the progress.

    Thank You
    Kind Regards


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